Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Answering the Door

Kath had a birthday last week and thank goodness she did!
We all gathered at a seriously old school joint for cocktails and conversation but for some reason, despite a pretty busy day, I arrived strangely early.
I sat down on a bench outside the bar, which happens to be on a busy intersection, and got out my book. About a sentence in I realized that I was completely missing an opportunity.
I've been bellyaching and whining and waiting on pins and needles for the time to be able to just sit inconspicuously at busy intersections and take some photos. Here I was, sitting at a busy intersection and my first impulse was to read my book?

So I put my book away and got out my camera and this is what I saw.


  1. Honestly? My first inclination would be to read my book, too. Old habits die HARD.

  2. Rory Gilmore. Its hard to not be what you are.
    But so good what you did. I love the uniformed guys and Franks! Who couldn't use a good Franks?