Monday, April 21, 2008

Fire Break

Last week sometime, or maybe the week before, I can't remember, there was hoopla at my house. I walked in after work and all was quiet. There was a woman in the lobby with her kids and she was on her phone but not speaking. She opened the door for me but didn't speak to me either. Five minutes later when I walked out with the dog the entire street was lined with fire trucks and the courtyard was jam packed with more firefighters than you could shake a flaming stick at. A few of them were talking to the woman who hadn't spoken to me but I couldn't hear what they were saying. On the sidewalk, which was filled with even more of NY's Bravest, a handsome young man called the dog over. Since I was on the other end of her leash I went with her.

Me: Should I go back in and get the cats?

Him: No.

So I didn't.


  1. May I have some more?

  2. I could be wrong here, but I'm pretty sure the answer to "should I go back in" is ALWAYS going to be "no" from a fireman.

    Are they still doing the drool-inducing calendars?

  3. Seester, you know me, every chance I get I'll be taking pics of the FDNY.

    Chili, it seemed like we were clear on the whole "go in and save them" thing and whether it was necessary. Since all the firefighters on the Eastern Seaboard were outside my building looking bored it seemed safe.

    They made the last calendar for 2008. I was going to get one for you but wasn't sure how it'd go over in your house.