Saturday, April 19, 2008

Of Passover and Gentrification

The day was delightful. More on that later.

As you may remember, last summer was another exciting chapter in the saga of living right above the benches in our courtyard. The group of spirited young men who uses those benches as their clubhouse had an active season of...debate and I had to cut salt entirely out of my diet so that blood wouldn't geyser out of my eyeballs every time I tried to go to sleep just as they were gaveling in a new session.

Tonight as I strolled in from my day of fun and frolicking I found a new club was having their inaugural session. Instead of jeans and sports paraphernalia they're wearing baby doll dresses and izods. Instead of Colt 45 in the bottle, they're serving merlot (or perhaps a nice shirazz) in glasses the size of mixing bowls.

What hasn't changed is the boisterous conversation and the clouds of smoke wafting up toward my window.

Oh it's going to be a good summer, don't you think?

Good Passover to y'all. I hope you're eating good food and hanging out with good people.


  1. If ya can't beat 'em, can you join 'em? Merlot and Izods sound much more pleasant than Colt 45 and sideways baseball caps.

    I actually had a lovely Passover (and I'm 100% Neo-Pagan! Imagine! I'm not even a Gentile!). O'Mama invited the Chili Clan to her family's celebration again this year, and we had a lovely time. Thanks for askin'!

  2. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Thanks for the Passover wishes - we had a wonderful Seder.

    Now, two days in, I'm ALREADY sick of matzah.

    Lovely portends of a fabulous summer - can't wait to read your stories...