Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sesame Street Dogs

While I was out gallivanting in our nation's capital Miss Emily was hanging out with the Sesame Street dogs (BIG, little, BIG, little). That's Portia on the top, she is completely blind now after a congenital problem took her corneas, I think it was. My beloved Tallulah Belle (I'm not into the smaller breeds but Tulie is a dog of my heart, she speaks to me) is coming at us below and her more sedate (but much more dangerous) sister, Katie.

Our friend who rescued these three (SUSTAINABILITY y'all! Newf rescue for one and rescues direct from two neglectful homes for the cockers) recently got married. Emily knows the hubs, sure, but he hasn't been around too long so my friend wasn't sure that she'd give a crap about him yet. Well, yesterday, both adults and all four dogs were out. Mr. left them on one side of the street so he could run an errand across the way and Emily wigged, ears down, tail tucked and brow furrowed. She does not like it when you break up the damn pack! Why do we people never learn this? She knows he belongs and she doesn't know why he has the audacity to leave the safety of the group.

She's a good egg, my dog. We could all learn a thing or two about love and loyalty from her.

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