Saturday, May 17, 2008

And then my eyes popped out.

You guys know me, right? I read even the subject of the post and my blood pressure went up so high that my whole body became red.*

I didn't comment, though. Her space, her choice, MY OXYGEN, ALITA'S WATER, LITTLE SEAL'S FOSSIL FUEL!!!!!!

OK, breathing.

I feel like the entirety of the human race has decided to model itself after lemmings. I want to rant about this and SUVs and natural disasters and the current election and...

You know what, clearly nobody cares and I'm too wildly irrational to make sense. Gonna go walk the dog and get ready to go to the clothing swap. That's sustainable and pleasant, right? Perhaps I'll get some sun and GET MORE CANCER AND DIE NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY I HAVE THE SCARRING TO PROVE IT!!!!!

Huh, OK, so not calming me down. Who'd have guessed?

Have a cool, calm and collected Saturday y'all. I think I'm gonna need a drink.

*In case it's not clear the author of the post already has 4 kids.


  1. Do you have kids?

    Just curious.

    Also, is that dress in the photo below the one at Old Navy right now? If so, do you find th sizeing to be prety accurate?


  2. I don't have kids. I love them, I've been a teacher off and on for a lot of my life, but I don't see myself having kids. If I did I think adoption would be my first choice. As I'm sure you've noticed adding more beings to the world (humans and other animals) is a hot button issue for me right now.

    The dress is Old Navy but I can't find it anywhere on their web site. At least I couldn't find it the day I took those pictures, which is why I ended up taking them. That's a medium so I do think the sizing is relatively accurate. I've got broad shoulders, tiny breasts (padded bra in the pictures to crank me all the way up to a 36A so not sure how it'll do with people better endowed) and big, big hips. So I'd also give it a big thumbs up for being forgiving of that kind of figure.

  3. They do have it on their site and I almost ordered it last week, but I was a little worried about it being too low cut for someone with bigger boobs (moi)...

    It looks great on you, though.

  4. I love you back, Z. So much.

    KAG, it has a built in slip thingmajig but it's still pretty low cut even on me and my fake boobage so I think your concern may be justified.

  5. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I saw a medical segment on cnn the other day. The MD said that lack of vitamin D is a huge medical issue due to over use of sun screen and lack of sun during winter in northern climates. The conclusion I came away with was moderation. Moderate sun exposure every day, like 30-40 minutes and sensible use of sun screen when in the sun for long periods of time or at the beach.You can research it on the mayo clinic site.

  6. If you go around getting mad about how many kids ppl have, you will get mad a LOT. I decided not to have kids, and part of that was because I consider myself an environmentalist. But I am willing to admit that I may not have all the answers. Maybe there is some way it can work out with more and more people. I don't know HOW, but there are a lot of things I have been wrong about, and if the alternative is to go around being cranky about ppl's beloved children, then I would rather just maintain my state of not-knowing.

  7. holy crap with the comments.
    by the way.
    I love you.

  8. Anonymous10:59 PM

    There are people that have a couple of kids (makes senses, survival of the species and all). There are reproducers, breeders of sorts, that just make babies because they can. There are the thinkers, we don't have kids at all. Nothing wrong with being in either patch so long as we are each in the group we are in for good reason.

  9. Anon, yes I agree with moderation. I just got screwed on the melatonin front and am paying the price now and need to be vigilant for scarring purposes. Militant anti-sunscreeners provoke my impotent rage because if I'd used the stuff in moderation I wouldn't be going back to the derm to be peeled like a grape on a regular basis.

    Suebob, you're right and I try to practice what you're preaching but some days it burns me and I explode. I do not by any stretch have all the answers. The last time I did they were all wrong.