Thursday, May 15, 2008

Better Late Than Never

The photos from my trip to DC are finally processed and posted. You can see the whole set here.

The ones I'm posting here are my favorites, which I bet won't surprise you. Not pictured are 2 guys seated on the sidewalk on either side of where I was standing when these were taken. They were both in their twenties with a bit of a hipster vibe to them. On my right one guy was reading a novel, something painfully trendy no doubt, and he was simply slathered in tattoos. To the left the guy was reading a series of comic books.

This little gem of a butterfly was not interested in interaction. Pony Express got no reaction when she complimented the elaborate face paint and pointed out the glitter of the eyelids and lips. No, this one was a girl after my own heart, an observer. She was mesmerized by these two guys and what they were doing and she seemed to want to jump into their skin so she set about learning by doing. She studied them then she sussed out some reading material and then came the beauty part, she started to walk the walk.

I found her mesmerizing.


  1. Little Miss is very cute.
    Loved the face plant one. It looked so cool and green... made me want to be there.
    The long raod to the capital... now you have been on that street.
    I want to go there so badly.

    Looks every bit as amazing as I want it to be through your eyes!

  2. Anonymous7:05 AM

    May she carry that self-possession with her as she gets older. Great photos.

  3. BPLC, amen to that. She's a great learner, I hope someone is nurturing that.

    Thanks Gert, I know you'd appreciate the place even more than I since you keep up on all the details!