Sunday, May 18, 2008

City Desk, Kizz Speaking!

For the first time maybe ever I'm blogging from a home desk. I've had this gorgeous antique desk that belonged to my grandmother and it's been in my bedroom waiting for me to put it to use. OK, to be painfully honest I've been using it but I really don't think that using it as a flat file does it justice. There's even space in front of the computer where I could write cards, letters, the great American novel if need be. I so freaking need to do that last one. I'm working on it. Every day I'm a little closer to completion. I think this desk will be a help. Just like Gert's!

Tonight I moved the desktop computer I inherited from work into the bedroom and onto the desk, I put some Avatar into the DVD player in Pony Express' TV that's been in there unused for so long and I set to work running cables and plugging in new surge protectors and generally improving my lot in life.

The strange unintended consequence of this is that I've essentially fixed it up so I can live entirely in my bedroom with internet, TV, bed and all close to the bathroom. I have to leave to get cable & network TV (as opposed to DVDs) and the kitchen. So, I bought this apartment as a nice way to expand from my previous one room studio and now I've turned it back into two studios. Perhaps I'll need rental income and this is a way to see how I can achieve that. Perhaps I simply can't stand to be more than 2 steps away from my stories both on TV and the intarwebs.

Anyway, I got something accomplished today and I felt like sharing. Hope you got something accomplished today. Feel free to share if you're so moved.


  1. Get yourself a splitter and a little bit of cable line Martha says is made in China or Singapore... I forget and your in business for Cable in the bedroom.
    I am glad you jumped on the desk! I think we need it.
    Its our
    someday someone at Christie's will pay huge bucks for the desk that Kizz wrote her great American novel on.
    It defines you as a great writer to have a great desk.
    Glad to have given inspiration back to you.
    Doesn't it still just blow your mind that years ago it was you and me here? Just us. And now we have a whole community of writers we know and read...

  2. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Hey Kizz, tell me true, that your comfy jeans won't be capri style? I hope not. Some of us less fashion-bent folks (at least I am) are all about the mystery of boot cut (and sometimes relaxed style) of blue jeans.

    Otherwise, about the desk, your Grandma's karma is just rockin' the boat. So gald you've moved it into your life in a permanent way. I can hear Grandma telling you to just write your story.

  3. Sounds like you've created a little pod of joy. :)

  4. Anonymous10:20 PM

    Apartment mitosis. It's perfectly natural. Nothing to worry about.

    The desk sounds great. So does the novel.

  5. Gert, I'd have to have a super long run of cable or drill a hole through the wall that separates the living room from the bedroom. I'm afraid of the drilling I think.

    Laurie, I do have an old pair of (possibly sort of sexy) capri jeans that I can finally fit back into. I don't think they're the answer, though. I like a relaxed fit but now that I've unearthed my waist I'd like to show it off. Do we think I need to look into this low-rise nonsense all the kids are talking about?

    "Apartment mitosis" hee!

  6. I have plenty.
    No need to call India or China or Japan... where ever that stuff comes from.
    And I have connectors.
    Who should be without cable? Sounds like Shakespeare doesn't it?
    To view or not to view.