Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dragon Child

Just a little up for your date here.

Thank you everyone for all your support on my work-related panic.

I did confront the mistakes directly. In fact I sent an e-mail when I couldn't raise him by phone for the second potential mistake and stayed an extra half hour in the office last night waiting to hear. No luck. When he called this morning I had to ask again because...wait for wasn't a mistake. I was right, I had taken that thing off the schedule on purpose and the person on the other end hadn't acknowledged that. So, whew, crisis averted.

It's all made me super vigilant here at work for today. I'm confirming and organizing and mailing out and e-mailing and filing and making notations like I actually cared.

Here's the thing, though, my heart isn't in this job. It's never going to be in this job. If I have to have a job of this kind (and for now I kind of do) it's a good one. The people are very nice to me and the commute isn't bad and there's some free food and drink and health insurance and all so, don't get me wrong, it's a good job. It's just not the job of my heart and it's never going to be. I am never going to get fulfillment out of tracking down a lost briefcase or organizing the perfect lunch meeting or handing over a pristine calendar. Some people do and that's awesome but I'm not one of them.

I am passionate about kittens, though. Kath went over and filled out the papers but wasn't allowed to see Miss Pickles last night. Apparently they're going to want to observe her a bit longer and until that time they're being vigilant on the visitation front. I'm going to swing by there this evening anyway and see if I can't at least snap a photo of the reluctant celebrity. I am optimistic that it will be possible for Kath to take the wanderer home but pessimistic about the amount of hoop jumping that's going to be expected.

I don't know if Kath will call her Pickles. Our girl will belong to Kath so it's up to her what she's called. I'm just going to keep calling her Pickles until I hear differently. I have to call her something, right?

Does anyone have any contacts in the Seventh Generation corporation? I'm looking specifically for someone in the "feminine care" department. Just a quick question if you want to pass it along. Why do they negate the virtues of environmental- and vagina-friendly panti-liners by making them half the width of the crotch panel they're supposed to protect? I understand that they're trying to use less material in hopes of making less waste but making several hundred gross of a product that is entirely useless and will therefore be thrown out before use isn't helping anyone.

While I'm being greedy can we all please take a moment to urge the Rangers to win tonight? I'd really like to take in a playoff game but if they get knocked out of the running tonight that's not going to be possible. My urgent pleas to the team (no, it's not stalking) have gone unanswered.


  1. Hey that's funny about the 7th Generation liners! I have the opposite problem with them... I'd buy their paper towels, but they don't make "choose a size" and one sheet is too big for most of the needs I have. Is it better to use too much recycled paper towel or just the right amount of the other stuff?

  2. I linked to you resume site, and there is a fine photo of you and Mkaep, brought back many memories, but the name of the place was Casey O'Coffees. And it's gone now, alas.

  3. I'm glad the work thing turned out okay. Phew!

    TOO funny about the panty liners. I'm telling you - personal care stuff is SOOOOO personal. I'm a CareFree girl, myself, eco-friendly or not.

  4. Anonymous9:02 PM

    I just took a look at your resume site and I must say that it makes me very sentimental (and impressed - I really liked the excerpts from "Susanna Shakespeare"!)

    I used to act in school and studied vocal performance (I'm a soprano, too) in college but never really had the courage to pursue a career in the theatre. But I miss the stage greatly and maybe I'll be able to find my way back eventually.

    I'm always jealous of people who have the strength and guts to pursue their dreams. But I'm also impressed and encouraged by these people, so thank you for that!

  5. I always figured that environmental people were big on details but it seems they have only the very broadest strokes. "Here it's environmentally friendly. Yeah, we don't care if it works."

    I loved that place and I hate that it's gone. We had some seriously good times there.

    I, myself am an Always girl but thought I should try to make some ever so small strides toward being more environmentally friendly. That turned out well, huh?

    Hey Julia, keep on singing, even if it's in the shower for now! The world needs more of us. Thanks for your encouragement.

  6. Anonymous5:42 AM

    I use some of 7th Gen's fem hygiene products, but still have to mix them up with other stuff as well. Maybe a letter to them would work. I'm thinking of writing them - they just changed the tabs on their diapers (for Little Seal, not for me! :-) in a way that was an improvement in one regard, but a made them far worse in another. I'll still use them though.

  7. When things calm down around here I'll try to write to them. I mean, really, this is sort of no brainer stuff here.