Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Something Fishy

I'm wearing my new dress but there's no way for Photobooth to capture it properly in this office so I'll take proper shots at home later. In the meantime...


Speaking of fish...or not, really. Today has been a yummy food day. I brought all kinds of good-for-me food in preparation for meeting Steph (by linking to her am I trying to guilt her into posting more often? you be the judge) for Tasti D and I ate a fair amount of it before the lovely ladies of the office here announced that they were holding an audition for a caterer and we were all invited. My mother would be proud, I had a little bit of everything. OK not everything. I passed on the mushrooms and the chicken mostly in favor of shrimp. The 2 things I could have eaten until I passed out were the penne a la vodka (I know, I'm common, sue me) and this crazy organic rice salad with sweet potatoes and purple rice! So delicious. The shrimp was fine, I'm sure the sandwiches were also fine, the blue cheese/grape/fig/sugared nuts salad was also quite good, the spring rolls could have done nicely as a coating for the entire inside of my body and I didn't even get to the desserts since I was going for fro yo.

It's OK, there are leftovers, lots of them, and we've been given permission, nay been encouraged, to pilfer. I'm so on that.

The thing is that it gave me kind of an epiphany, no more accurately a revelation, about what has made this whole weight loss thing work for me. I eat food that tastes good, fine even, but I stay away from food that tasted GREAT! If it tastes GREAT! I'll just eat more so I stick to the blandy middle of the road stuff. Sure, I've learned that I like brussels sprouts and that's cool but if there were a UFC match between my home cooked brussels sprouts and a plate full of that penne a la vodka you'd for sure be taking the sprouts home in a body bag.

On the one hand, knowledge is power, so I can keep using this technique to my advantage. On the other hand, how very sad is that?

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  1. i'm going back tomorrow...betting i've gained a leemer again. but it's time to get back on track. You look amazing by the way and the food you tasted today sounds almost as good as the bacon cheeseburger and loaded fries Mgirl and I shared for dinner tonight. One last huzzuah....heh heh heh xoxoxo