Thursday, May 22, 2008

What Would Miss Manners Say?

I haven't had a hair cut or color since the week before Thanksgiving. I am the worst advertisement for my hair stylist, who I think is awesome, ever to walk the naked city. Pair this with the old scar on my forehead and the new one on my lip, none of which she will have seen until I peel off my hat tonight, and I'm thinking I might want to bring her gift. What's the appropriate gift to say thank-you-for-making-me-pretty-I'm-so-sorry-that-I-squandered-it? I'd like her to be in a really good mood when I ask her if she can suggest a lower cost way to color my hair in between colorings by her since I really can't afford to do it her way more than twice a year. Is that a rude thing to ask? God I hope not.

Anyway, got the stitch out yesterday which was awesome (OK, it hurt, the guy who took it out was a hack, but it's gone which is delightful and worth every second, no results as yet) and I always feel brilliant after a trip to the hair goddess so I'm looking forward to that as the capper to my day. I'm not doing anything this weekend that's especially fit for showing off my new look (half scarred half marvelously coiffed) so expect a fleet of photos in all my new hats.

Are you excited yet?


Hey guys?

Where are you going?

Seriously, though, are you going anywhere for the long weekend? Tell me all about it, please!


  1. First, I don't think it's rude to ask about the coloring, especially if you confirm that you'll still be coming to her for your twice-yearly do. Remember Miracle on 34th Street and how the Santa would send customers to other stores if they didn't have an item, and how thrilled the customers were? I imagine, if your stylist wants you to be happy, she'll suggest some cheaper way for you to stay pretty. I would.

    Second, we have no plans for the long weekend. It looks as though the weather here is going to be nice (though the weather guys are making me CRAZY the last few days - it seems they can't get ANYTHING right) so we may do a little yard stuff, we may take out and tune-up the bikes, but the general idea, I think, is three days of do-nothing...

  2. We are going to the back yard near the land of spare oom.

    Actually, my weekend will be: Daughter's dress rehearsal on Friday night, dance recital on Saturday night, then I will probably take the kids to see Prince Caspian on Sunday, and we'll picnic with everyone I know outside at our house on Monday. I'll be making my stellar hot bean dip.

    I'll also be a bit melancholy because my daughter insists no more dance. But she did say she wants to try drama. yay!

  3. A gift cert/card to a coffee shop/ice cream place near the salon? My hairgoddess works above a Dunkins and I keep meaning to bring her a gift card...

  4. Well, since you asked...
    coming from a stylist who's prices just jumped up due to my promotion, I"m constantly aware of how expensive it is to do something nice for yourself in regards to your hair. There ARE ways to do an inbetween appointment that will freshen the color and the cut at an affordable price. Look, you live and work in a $$ city. She's not unaware of how it is either. Be honest. she and I probably speak somewhat of a different language, but maybe a single process inbetween your big appts?
    and under the title of absolutlely unsolicited input...i've been looking at older pics of you. you are thinner now than you were ten years ago. as far as the hair goes? shorter. your fine texture holds shorter so well. and fringe. aka bangs. This softens, and hey...could cover your special spot as well. Think about it!!! No matter what you do, you are gorgeous and brilliant and I wish you lived next door!

    plans for weekend are working on house. mom is coming for a week. she leaves wed and I immediatly go to the nervous hospital.

  5. stylists LOVE freebies. anything is good. wine? food? any gift card is fab.

  6. The dealio is that I'll feel more comfortable coming back to her more often for cuts (see above re: shorter hair, I agree Zelda) if I don't have to feel like I'm going to be pressured to do the color. She's not a high pressure gal but I know that bad color is bad color and grown out color is grown out color and no one wants their stylist to feel like they don't want to look their best, you know?

  7. Working at the War Bar. All the girls are going out of town for the weekend so its a nice break for them because they usually have no one to be back up for them when they want to holiday.
    Noodle is going to St Louis.
    My hair is much like yours now.
    I cut the shit out of it and its now just below my ears. I have worked so hard to get the color out and grown off... I don't see me dumping it back in. But it is delicious if you can afford to maintain it!

  8. I am going to garden, go see the new Indiana Jones movie, read two books and nap.

  9. The weekend:
    Callback for Pericles on Saturday afternoon.
    Roger's in town, so I'll hang out with him on Saturday night.
    Go visit old lady friend on Sunday.
    First read-thru for Much Ado on Monday at noon. Frankly...not happy about that...
    I would also like to do some laundry.
    Big holiday.

  10. Anonymous2:16 PM

    We're looking forward to getting up to the "cottage in another state" and getting it opened up and aired out.

    Once we get the cleaning up done and the pantry re-stocked, we'll visit with the neighbors a bit, and then just sit and read and watch the water and go kayaking. Then we'll eat good food and with any luck, we'll get lots and lots of sleep too.

    It's going to be a lovely three days.