Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Am Out of Order

I'm pooped, my dogs are tired (and so are my feet), I'm slightly sunburned, I'm not entirely clean of glitter despite a vigorous water-blasting and I had a great time. I took almost 350 pictures and the task of organizing them to show is pretty daunting but I couldn't wait to share with you guys so here are just a few, straight out of the camera and completely out of order versions so you can get a taste of how much fun we had.

Above is the final version of my hat (all pictures of me kindly taken by Carmencita). Note the state of my nose.

Below is the birthday girl lounging in her chariot.
Ah, the lovely Carmencita trying not to giggle so she won't accidentally inhale and choke on the mouthful of Pop Rocks that are tickling her taste buds. Congratulations on the 7th anniversary of keeping the kid alive, upright and way too smart for her own good, my friend!
Here she is at Ruby's showing off her crown, her super cool pirate tattoo and her rambunctious attitude.
First cake of the day (but not the last!).
It's a shame the child is camera shy and unschooled in how to pose isn't it? Frankly it's a good thing she has some modeling skills because she was photographed by every single passing photographer. I think we'll be seeing her in the local media this week. If you happen to run across any images of her will you please give me a heads up?
We had fun and we took public transportation all the way back to the Carmencita abode like this, too. I'm not sure that Bay Ridge was ready for us.
My pirate tattoo...and my moles.

Mrs. G mentioned that she wished she could have come with us today. One of the things we learned this year that we need for next year is more people so I urge everyone to buy some body paint and check their calendars. I've got room for 2 on my couch, just be warned that I may not be able to clean all the glitter out of it before you get here, that stuff is stubborn!

P.S. Chili, I gave the kid all the dragonfly tattoos but I'll get you some more.


  1. I love this! And you look just absolutely smoking hot fantastic honey!
    Now I am so craving some Cher!

  2. Oh these pictures are great! A Mermaid parade sounds like paradise to girls of all ages. And yes, your hat is too fab & your outfit rocks!

    Thanks for popping by my interview at Mrs. G's!

  3. Anonymous1:39 AM

    You solved the costume problem beautifully. Looks like a great time. Ours was fun but pretty weak. They made no bones about it being a ripoff of the real thing, after all.

  4. Sign the Chili girls up next year - they'll LOVE it.

  5. The more the merrier! You should all come join us and the Chili girls in our underwater glory.

  6. Man, that looks like fun!

  7. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Ah, The Mermaid Parade. A working title for all work in progress.

    Excellent photos. Throw none back.

  8. Gypsy it was so much fun I can't even explain!

    Rick, leave it to you to comment in the style as the event!