Monday, June 16, 2008

More Treats, Please

Kath & Alex helped their old man, Hula, off this mortal coil today.

More treats for everyone.

And a whole lot of love for K&A, after losing Edwyn only four months ago this is a big blow.


  1. Thanks Kizz. There's a hole in my heart the size of my two old marmalade cats. But thanks to you, we have Lorry to cheer us up with her antics.

  2. Thanks Chili.

    Oh Kath, I hope Lorry is up to the task. Having seen her in action I think she probably is but she's got bit paws to fill.

  3. My Mother rescued two feral kittens from her backyard...cute, too cute.
    They got flooded out and their brothers and sisters drown.
    Mother takes such good care of these wild cats and Noodle has been loving on the babies that have been living with Mom until she can ship them to California.
    Yes. She found a home for them with a friend in California.
    So what I mean it there is no length that we won't go to make sure animals find good homes and people find good animals.
    I am sad for their loss... but so happy that they had the cat its entire existence here... taking care of him and loving him until the end.