Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ode To Somebody Else's Husband

Mr. Chili is awesome. Perhaps you've read Mrs. Chili's birthday post for him and you've wondered if she's just shining us on a bit since she's married to the guy so she has to be nice. She's not. He's super.

His generosity to me is unending in many areas but most especially in the area of tech support.


That great wind that swept through your neighborhood last night was my enormous sigh of relief.

Mr. C spent over an hour with me last night talking me through different boot up and repair choices. I don't know if you have any experience interacting with tech support but, for me, the two most important factors are clarity and the ability not to be condescending with said clarity. Mr. C is a master on both counts. He knows just how much technical knowledge I can take and he knows how much technical information I need to know so that I understand what's going on and he provides that information in a simple way with highly specific yet easy to follow instructions. The guy went through at least 4 rebooting and rebuilding options eventually resorting to having me type code into that black screen with the white lettering until the computer repaired itself like Rambo stitching up his own arm.

A great big THANK YOU to Mr. C for all his patience and perseverance. I think he sacrificed his own computer briefly in an effort to mirror exactly what was going on with mine and follow along with me. I hope he was able to put everything to rights.

I wish you all good computer juju and tech support as, well, supportive as that with which I have been blessed.

Image brazenly stolen from Mrs. C's photostream. If you want me to pull it just let me know!


  1. See? I sometimes worry that people think I'm shining them on when I talk about how unabashedly awesome my husband is. Thanks for bearing witness! (and I LOVED being on the phone with you when your computer executed its resurrection; I could actually HEAR joy in your voice!)

  2. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Mr. Chili is pretty awesome! A lot of people I know don't like (some even use terms like hate, scum-bag, asshole, etc.) their bro-in-laws. I love mine! He rocks!

  3. As a bonafide computer geek girl, I know how difficult it is to debug computer problems off site. So, a big hats off to the man! (And if he's half as interesting as his brother, he must be great.)

  4. I could tell she wasn't exaggerating and that he really was a swell guy.