Monday, June 23, 2008

The Same Tune

I hope Carlin would be pleased by all the people exercising their right to free speech in the place for their internet stuff to point people towards the way he exercised his. As I strolled through the internet this morning I went through streaks of up to 5 blogs in row who had posted a tribute to him and there are some great ones. It's also cool to see which videos everyone chooses. Tonight I plan to have a Carlin online vidfest and today I'm playing all the Carlin on my iPod and pondering what to buy next.

I thought you might like a heads up about the folk from blogroll who are thinking at least 7 dirty words right now.

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Joe Banks

I suspect there will be more.

"Here's something you never hear a guy say: 'Stop sucking my dick or I'll call the police!'"
George Carlin - Complaints & Grievances


  1. I'm going to actively miss him. He was willing to call bullshit whenever and wherever he saw it, and we need more like him.

    I love his bit about how we only REALLY need ONE commandment...

  2. In the version I listened to this morning he leaves us with 2 consolidated commandments and adds a third about not bugging the rest of us with thy fucking religion! I had remembered it as one, though, too. His work has become part of my vocabulary and his loss was unexpected and wrenching. I hope he's keeping whoever entertained wherever he is, they'd better appreciate what they've got!

  3. Anonymous11:38 AM

    He was funny for sure! I can't say he's near the top of any list of people I'll miss. He's just another funny comedian, but definitely not part of my culture. I always just took him as a good laugh.

  4. I will miss him and so will my kids-he was on Thomas the Train.