Thursday, June 12, 2008

This is getting to be a habit

I accidentally combined two prompts from San Diego Momma's assignments in this one.

Dear Diary,

Last night the most amazing thing happened to me. I was walking out of the diner after I closed up and a limousine pulled up beside me. I walked a little faster and it followed. Just before I started really freaking out the back window rolled down and GEORGE CLOONEY leaned out. He asked me if a wanted a ride and OF COURSE I did, I mean GEORGE CLOONEY! After that I don’t know what happened. He asked me if I wanted some champagne and next thing I knew he was all over me. He has the best hands. He’s the BEST kisser, which, DUH, I mean GEORGE CLOONEY for cripes sake! Mostly he was a gentleman but after a while it was pretty easy to tell that he liked me, I mean, LIKE liked me, you know? I could feel his…you know, missile, all hard and insistent and everything against my…god, this so embarrassing, my hearth, you know? And I wanted to help him, really I did. Who wouldn’t want to have GEORGE CLOONEY be their first in a limo with champagne and everything? I knew Chris was waiting for me at home, though, I actually kind of wondered why he hadn’t picked me up. Usually he picks me up if I’m working late. I felt guilty, though, I didn’t want to betray him even if it was GEORGE CLOONEY. So I said no.

And then I woke up.

I’m so stupid who’s that loyal in a DREAM.



  1. Chris is stupid. You should have gone for it. Missle. Activate. Launch.

    I'm loving reading these!!!

  2. OK, seriously. You win for best use of "missile" and "hearth."

    Love that you're doing these!

    I'm having a great time reading!


  3. Somehow, I believe that this all happened.