Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Balm For the Wounded Gumline

Chili had her wisdom teeth out yesterday. Today she keeps saying things like, "I haven't gotten out of my pajamas yet." and apologizing for deciding not to drive and implying that by evening she'll be doing some sort of hard labor.
She was resting enough to watch a couple of Djimon Hounsou movies, though, and to e-mail me a request for a Hot People post.
Friend, consider this my multimedia way of saying, "Lay back down and put those frozen veggies back on your face, pronto!"
Djimoun says, "Good girl."

As always, images courtesy of google images.


  1. and that is precicely why "they" will pry my wisdom teeth out of my cold dead body.

    eh eh. no way jose.

    I don't care if it does get me a hot post of pics...

    neh eh.
    Speedy recovery to Chili!!!

  2. Unless they're causing you trouble there's no reason to get them out so not to worry!

  3. Um, yep, OK, I'm totally on board with the Hot People often do you do these?

  4. Welcome and glad you're liking the view! There's no set schedule for these. Sometimes I get on a roll and do a few in a day so you never know what you'll get. I urge you to take a stroll through the archives with the Hot People label. If I'm moved by something I've seen on TV or in a movie or on the internet I'll put one together and I'm very responsive to requests. Feel free to request away and I'll see what I can do.

  5. wowzwers. I sort of had no idea he was that hot.*runs to blockbuster*