Thursday, July 17, 2008

Eating Dessert First

Yesterday I did it for very practical reasons. Eminently justifiable. I wanted froyo and it was hot and the froyo place is farther away and I didn't want to go get salad and spend the time to eat it and then go to the froyo nor did I want to go out twice and it wouldn't last if I got it and waited until after I ate the salad so I got dessert first and savored it as I walked slowly back to the salad place and got my salad and went back to the office to eat my perfectly serviceable but ultimately unremarkable lunch.

Like Mare Winningham's middle of the night peanut butter and jelly sandwich at the end of St. Elmo's Fire it made the froyo (with sprinkles!) better.

Today, all plans backfired.

I started out quite planny. I usually do. I love plans and I make an ever-morphing series of them as the day goes on. When someone tells me, "I was going to see such and so but my spouse re-arranged the Netflix queue so I have no idea when it's coming." my first instinct is to ask, "So did s/he leave a forwarding address?" You don't just change the plan without checking in with someone! Plans are delicate and finely ruled. I even made my lunch (cucumbers, beets, tuna salad) last night so all I had to do was put it in the backpack. I grabbed a can of pineapple for a snack and hit the road with a niggling feeling that I'd forgotten something.

I spent the morning talking myself out of spending money and points on froyo again today. (But it's hot! But it's $4. But I want it! But you just lost all that weight. But I want it! Shut your pie hole.) I ate my pineapple for a snack then got through my intensely crunchy and effortful lunch. I had a taste for something just a little sweet. I reached over to stash the tupperware in my bag and before I even looked inside it the movie of my morning flashed in my head and I realized that I NEVER PUT THE OREO CRISPS IN MY BAG! No after lunch sweet treat! No button to the musical theatre Act I closer that is my virtuous lunch! I always have Oreo crisps after lunch! It's in the plan! What about the plan? NOooooooooooo!

But wait.

Now I can go get some froyo.

Bet it'll taste just as good eaten second.

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