Monday, July 14, 2008

Gathering Ideas

I don't like cooking for myself. I'm sure I've made that clear. I do, however, get a kick out of cooking for other people. Even you. Two of the things I love about the holiday season are cooking a Thanksgiving meal for my friends in NYC and cooking Christmas dinner for my friends and family in NH.

My greatest weakness as far as cooking goes (cleaning up doesn't count) is my willingness, or lack thereof, to make new things. If you're going to cook a meal and you get nervous I will tell you that cooking is just following directions and you are smart so you can follow directions and you shouldn't worry about it. When I get nervous about trying something new I tell myself that cooking is chemistry and I almost failed chemistry (true story). I could also, you know, practice. But that's too simple an instruction now isn't it?

Anyway, September will see me hosting the Southern Girls for Supper Club and I don't yet know what I'll be cooking. I know it's early but I think I need some extra time for research and planning and pep talking. Last time I hosted I motivated myself with a theme, Breakfast for Dinner. I served a simple and mostly pre-cookable strata, with beets and something as a side. Of course I made Grandma Dow's Chocolate Cake for dessert with raspberries and powdered sugar. Whatever I make must be completely pescetarian with at least one serving easily turned completely vegetarian. I would prefer that most of it be make ahead friendly so I can swing home from work and chuck stuff in to warm while I walk the dog then put things together easily while the ladies arrive.

Your suggestions, links and ideas are eagerly awaited.


  1. hm, is there a theme for the dishes?
    last night I made sloppy joe's that are always delicious. I suppose you could do a home cooking kind of meal?

  2. By vegetarian, how far? Are eggs and dairy okay? I have a spinach lasagana rolls recipe that is vegetarian, it uses mozzarella, ricotta and parmesan which some vegetarians will not eat.

    Once I did a pasta bar with 2 kinds of pasta and a variety of sauces. Then people can mix and match!

  3. How about a low country theme? Shrimp and grits, Frogmore stew, Hoppin' John, cobbler, watermelon, succotash. Mmmm...

  4. Anonymous10:25 AM

    I second the low country boil. You can get a vegetarian andouiille sausage to throw in there and do a separate pot without the shrimp or crawfish. Good eats!

  5. Man, that sounds delicious. What's the time factor, though? I will probably be working that day and have to come home (about 6) and people will arrive around 7. I might have to make that for some other cause even if I don't do it for supper club, my mouth is watering for it.

    I think eggs and dairy are OK. I'd love that recipe if you don't mind Seester. I could do up a very unhealthy Italian sort of meal.

    Kitty, there CAN be a theme but I'd have to come up with it. Thoughts? Are vegetarian sloppy joes possible? Almost everyone is mostly vegetarian. I'm one of, I think, 2 meat eaters. I love sloppy joes and loose meat and BBQ beans and whatnot but my recipes all involve ground beef or turkey and that won't fly.

  6. Recipe is on its way via the email you use to comment at my blog. Unless you need me to send it to another one.

  7. Did you just offer to cook for me?