Monday, July 07, 2008

Keeping of the House

Clemo asked why I'm blogging about food all the time. (He phrased it more nicely. He actually expressed concern for my well-being.) Now, given that I've spent all this time on weight loss and have given up my zest for life...I mean some of my favorite foods almost entirely, I don't think it would be completely surprising if I were to suddenly snap and talk about nothing but noshing for the rest of my life. That's not what happened, though. With the month by month Nablopomo thing each month gets a theme. This month's theme is food and since I signed up I'll be blogging something edible every day for the whole month. So, I'm fine, still just the exact same amount of crazy.

Last night waiting for the bus to NYC in South Station Boston there were so many people there that the air conditioning wasn't sufficient. I mean, seriously, in a place where one usually needs a sweater I was instead sweating my balls off. An hour and 45 minutes later I was on a tightly packed bus and headed home. Heavens bless the people at Fung Wah. If I was going with any other company I wouldn't have gotten to NYC until today.

The show went really well and I've got plenty to tell you about it but I haven't gotten it pieced together yet. Stay tuned!

No, I am not unpacked yet.

Yes I am going back to work tomorrow.

No I am not ready for that.

No I didn't get anything done today.

Yes I'm having trouble feeling bad about that.

If anyone knows where I put the last 2 books of stamps I bought would you please drop me a line?

The pooch is exhausted. She's walking at the pace of an 90 year old Zabar's patron and begging to go home at every corner. I take this to mean that she had a glorious visit with the folks up the street. Usually she wrassles with the young 'un until she's spent.

I went to visit that house today and played with our little Lorry for a bit. She's getting all leggy and teenagery. My favorite part, though, is that she's still got a bit of the airhead in her like any good kitten. I was teasing her with a feathery toy and she would pounce on it with all four feet then roll onto her back. At that point she'd reduce her attack to just the front paws and sort of forget about her back ones. Sometimes one back paw would be so forgotten that it would just hang out around her ear. Then a few seconds later she'd wonder what the hell that other toy was and attack her own hind foot. Fantastic!

Hope your Monday was lovely. I'll see you tomorrow with more talk of food, among other things.


  1. Actually, Emily didn't tussle too much with the Bobster. And we didn't take her on super long walks. I think she's just mentally exhausted.

    Lorry discovered the tub this morning. Water droplets=hours of fun.

  2. We have two kittens Mother rescued from the flood in the backyard and yes, you are right about them being airheads and so funny.
    One does the Halloween cat thing and hops about on all four paws hissing and spitting.
    They are like velcro... just sticking to everything.
    Kittens rule!