Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Making a Difference

Kitty asked a while ago if roasting my things in oil or butter would make a difference and I had to answer. I got all fired up about it because I hate that it makes a difference but, the thing is, for me it does. If your weight is different or the foods that you like are different it might work out for you. Sometimes I do use a little oil but not so often and never enough to actually coat the items in question*.

For the rest of my life I'm looking at about 21 points/2100 calories per day with about 35 points/3500 calories to toss around for any given week. And hell, I didn't look it up but that may go down to 20/2000 when I hit menopause in the not so distant future. I don't want to live a life without dessert and I love chocolate milk and ice cream and stuff like that. On the flip side I absolutely don't like a lot of things that are low in points and calories. Spinach, cabbage, pretty much any leafy green, bananas, and a ton of other things just do not do it for me, I can't make myself eat them.

So, yeah, for me enough oil to roast my carrots makes a difference. It may sound stupid from the outside but it's the only way I'm getting this plan to work. I'm trying to hit a point of moderation in all things and I am probably missing the mark in a thousand different ways but I'm hanging in there and hoping this works long term.

We shall see. For better or worse we shall see.

*For anyone who likes what I make for Thanksgiving and Christmas I promise that the amounts of oils and butters and sugars and craziness in those things will not change. I would not know how to change them nor would I care to.


  1. CAN we change holiday food? To do so would be shameful, I think. Holidays are not times for scrimping...

  2. lol!

    Well, the obsessiveness comes out in different ways. You are counting your calories with discipline, while I am going to the gym 6 days a week with discipline. I'm not much the calorie counting type.

    I guess my specific point was about natural ingredients versus stuff that isn't natural and may be 'bad' for your or cause your body problems. Not that there aren't natural things that are bad for you, too.

    For instance, I'd rather drink 1/2 glass of OJ, which has calories, over a glass of diet orange soda, which may have few calories but also food coloring and whatnot.

    of course, it's your body, blah blah. I prefer the baked cheetos over salad anytime!

  3. Chili, if there were a health issue, sure I COULD change holiday food but there would have to be an important reason.

    I KNOW that's what you were saying Kitty! :) What I'm saying is that I'm operating on a principle of moderation. If I need to use some Pam or a weirdly processed snack food in order to make room in the budget for a real cream dessert or the like. Given what I have to work with having 2 squares of chocolate milk and a yogurt in one day could leave me pretty hungry for the rest of it. I don't like to count calories but I hate to work out with a passion and have been completely unsuccessful getting myself to do more of it so I count instead and work out enough to make the process bearable.