Thursday, July 31, 2008

Month O Ingestibles Wrap Up

A month of writing about food hasn't changed how I look at it or approach it. I didn't think it would. It has, though, changed my awareness of how pervasive the food thing is for me these days. On the one hand, how fucking boring. On the other hand food is, you know, what keeps you alive in greater or lesser degrees of health so it should be something we think about often and carefully.

All that being said I think that if by this time next year I can still be eating relatively well and have managed to reduce the number of times I have an internal hitch in my breath before I commit to what to eat every meal of every day. I think I can do it. Worst I can do is fail, right? The world won't end.

I love food. I'm not terribly discriminating about whether it's high class or common vittles but I love it. Weird as it was to do, I kind of liked writing about food every day.

But I won't be keeping it up.

So, one last hurrah before we go back to our regularly scheduled programming: What are you eating right now? Can I have some?


  1. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Coffee, just cream. Yes you may.

  2. i weigh in at noonish today, so i try not to eat too much in the morning. not great, but whatever.
    coffee. black.
    1 point yogurt.


  3. Odwalla Vanilla Al'Mondo Super Protein soymilk drink.

    I'm nourishing the body whole.


  4. Vegetables from Mr McGregor's garden.
    Of course you can have some!
    Pass the peas please.

  5. I had to run out to the post office, so I grabbed some Wendy's while I was out. It was really kind of terrible.

  6. Wow, except for the Wendy's, as much as I love you guys, I think you can all keep your food to yourselves. I love hearing what everyone is eating, though. I should have made that a regular question during ingestibles month.