Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Poison Makes a Valid Food Entry, Right?

So, I accidentally tried to poison myself with my own cooking. Wow, hope the Supper Club ladies are reading this. Forget the wine, bring emetics! But really, total accident, I won't do it again, I promise.

Since the Weight Watchers I have been cooking mostly with ` instead of butter or oil. I roast with it but I also sautee and fry. I had a new can delivered on Saturday but there still seemed to be a couple of servings left over in the old one so I was using that up. In the course of roasting my carrots the can began to emit a gas, but there was still actual Pam substance hitting the veggies so I finished up and popped them in the oven before throwing the can away...and stepping out of the kitchen until the air cleared.

The next night I was eating the carrots and they tasted, I don't know, zingy! Sort of spicy but not quite and they made my tongue tingle. I couldn't think of anything I'd put in the dish to make that happen (carrots, Pam, herbes de Provence, air) but nothing I'd put in there was weird and they tasted good zingy not bad so I kept eating. Yesterday I brought some for my lunch. Halfway through lunch I realized that I was probably experiencing some sort of toxic reaction to whatever the aerosol fog was that I'd been vigorously spraying out of the near empty can. Whoops.

That made my stomach feel a little woozy. Of course it didn't gain wooziness and was probably brought on by the realization/hypochondria and carrots are expensive and on my "new eating regimen" (don't say diet) dammit. So I brought some more today, the last of them even. I don't think I'm going to die.

Well, not from this.

What's the worst cooking mistake you've made?


  1. I don't really cook that much, but I'm pretty sure my worst mistake had something to do with baking powder/baking soda and mixing them up.

  2. Anonymous6:00 PM

    I hope to be visiting New York again this summer. If our schedules click and we can see each other, let's eat out. K?
    I am not a big fan of cooking. I do it though. Thankfully I have not yet effed anything up to badly. Yet..

  3. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Once, my Honey sent me out for a head of lettuce. I came home with a head of cabbage.

    So, you ask, what was my worst cooking blooper? Well, let's be right up front about it. The answer is: cooking at all.

    Actually, I did cook some liver once in the microwave. It turned the most delightful rainbow of colors, not all of them traditionally associated with food. I didn't eat it.

  4. My dad still likes to talk about how even the dog wouldn't eat my white gravy.
    Hey! I was 12 and gravy is hard! Shut up, Daddy!

  5. Other than setting something on fire?

  6. Auntie, we'll eat out, no problem!

    Seester, setting it on fire counts, do tell.

  7. So Pam vapors is what made you sick? Not sure how that could happen.

    I cooked a vegetarian meatloaf once that took all day and we had one bite, grimaced at each other, dumped it into the trash, and ordered pizza.

  8. Not breathing the vapors but I think that when the vapors started coming out that I was spraying something besides actually Pam on the carrots, probably chemical agents and catalysts and whatnot that made them taste funny. For the record I didn't actually get sick it just worried me, and made my tongue tingly.

  9. hm. I'd advise against using this canned thing, but that's just me.

    Is a little bit of olive or canola oil really going to make that big a difference?