Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ritualistic Vittles

I have a lot of little food rituals. I eat the crusts of my toast first, I like to lick pudding off the spoon like a lollipop, cheerios are better when eaten singly, that sort of thing. My favorite food ritual isn't indulged in these days.

There was a boy. (How bored are you of hearing that opening lately?) He celebrated food. Didn't matter what we were eating or really where we were but once the first bite was in our mouths we had to kiss on it. It wasn't like a rule or anything he'd just smile, say "mmm" and lean in. We favored restaurants where your lips can meet across the table without your butt leaving the chair.

It makes the food taste better. I promise. Go on, give it a try.


  1. Eveything that I eat has some kind of ritual.
    M&M's have always been a big one and I know a lot of people have a ritual with them.
    I seperate the colors and eat my least favorite colors first and the green all in one handful last.
    I don't like any, any of my food to cozy up to another food when I am eating it.
    I eat one thing at a time.
    Cherrios are a big thing. They must all be floating in the bowl. None of them can be stuck to the sides.
    The ratios must equal... for instance if its pudding and whipped cream... I must have equal amounts of both. And they must not touch until I scoop them up myself to achieve the perfect bite.
    Freak! I told you.
    Your food ritual is so much nicer and sweeter than my Sybil ones!

  2. Ahhh...Food rituals, we just had a whole conversation with Husband and daughter about this very subject. Husband and I were dipping into a mutal bowl of gobbstoppers candy, I had to grab his hand when he just snatched a handful. We then need to explain what colors he could have so that everything stayed even and thus the world could continue to spin on its axis. Yes, he thinks we are crazy.

  3. Ewe! Gert, you put your cheerios in milk? :)I don't eat any kind of cereal with milk.

    Darci, that's hilarious. And I love that both you and your daughter share the issue so you were on the same page.