Friday, July 04, 2008

Road Trip!

What's your favorite road food? I love a good road trip, especially one on one with someone I can't get enough of. Food is a big part of it. I love to stock up and have munchies and stop along the way for special delights.

A classic must-have was an enormous fountain coke. If I have one food regret in life it's the loss of fountain cokes. I stopped drinking caffeine for health reasons and haven't had the gumption to start back up again. Ever given up caffeine? You'll know what I mean. Now it's been so long it gives me lightheadedness and sometimes heart palpitations. I miss it like nobody's business, though, and sipping the sugary fizz of it from a huge plastic cup with the world's widest straw was a delight.

I gave up McDonald's hamburgers decades ago, not for any special reason other than I stopped liking them. Their crispy chicken sandwich is another story, though. It's a nightmare to eat while driving and I don't care. I can pick the mayo-drenched lettuce off my jeans when I get to my destination. I believe it's the combo number 5 (possibly 6) that comes with fries, too. I'm pretty sure that no one on earth can resist the gravitational pull of McDonald's french fries. I like the slightly overdone and somehow halfway soggy ones you find in the bottom of your Ronald's-boxers-esque cardboard container.

Donuts. Especially a Boston Creme. Foggy morning drives are nothing without one of these.

Wow, I haven't been on a long car trip in ages. I can hardly even remember what I used to eat on them. Mostly I take the bus now. My snacks are what fits into the whole weight loss scheme and is lighter to carry. Oreo Thin Crisps, Whole Grain Cheerios, Water, Raisins. I have a particular soft spot for cashews these days too but you can only have like 5 of them a day on the program so I've stopped keeping them in the house. I still wander through Dunkin' Donuts when I'm in NH, though. There's nothing that can keep me from my Boston Creme.

Tonight I hit the road for our performance in MA. I haven't packed yet, though, so I can't tell you what I'll eat.


  1. Four words, Babe; Caffeine Free Diet Coke.

    We usually pack chips for our car trips. Doritos are a favorite. We tend not to take many long trips, though, and we don't do the drive-through thing; we always eat inside the McDonald's (and I get a Quarter Pounder, no cheese, extra onion. Yum!)

  2. Cherry Licorice.
    Its a natural unstopperupper and I often get stopped when I travel.
    I don't eat enough fast food any longer to comment. Even the delicious crack filled McD's french fries don't tempt me any longer.
    And being a mostly veg person... God! I don't know if I would survive a road trip any longer.
    The CF diet coke that Mrs Chili mentioned is a life savor.
    When I go to St Louis I used to drive through and have a white castle burger! Greasy and freaking delicious. And also a Jack in the Box taco.

  3. BBQ Fritos and Dr. Pepper!

  4. I ended up packing raisin bran, cheerios, Oreo Thin Crisps and partially diluted vitamin water. Not very exciting I have to say but doing the job.

  5. Waffle Houses. I have to stop at Waffle Houses. I am in love with the people watching there. The later the better.

    And they serve the best grits on the planet.

  6. I don't know why, but we always have beef jerky on the road.