Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Think Positive!

I haven't checked the archives or anything but it feels as though, in this month of food blogging, most of what I've had to say about food has been negative. Well that's not very nice is it? You get more flies with honey...and chocolate cake and possible hot fudge, definitely with frosting. This is just a quick thing but it is true and it's quite positive. I made something new a couple of weeks ago that I just love. It's not very fancy and it's not hard at all. I had bought some shrimp and had been just doing them up in the aforementioned butter flavored Pam and some herbs. I was bored with that. I do that with most foods these days. It's tasty but I know too much of a good thing when I see it. (Some things notwithstanding.) So I cast about my varied and bizarre kitchen supplies for something else to do. I tossed the cleaned shrimp into a tupperware with a little soy sauce and some dijon mustard. I let them marinate for a short time then threw them in the frying pan for another short time. TaDa! Delicious, nutritious, low in points and high in flavor. If I could afford it I'd eat a whole bag of these every day.


  1. See, it would be easier for you if you had no sense of culinary style. Me? I eat a bag of raw vegetables in the morning. Nothin' on 'em.

    Because I've got no culinary style.

  2. I don't think that I've got style per se, I'm just picky. I hate all the boring, time consuming chewing and lack of taste with the bag of raw veggies. So I have to perform crazy machinations so I can fit in my yummy sugary goodnesses.