Saturday, July 05, 2008

Where to Go, What to Eat

Pony Express and I have this brunch club that we, I don't know, sort of curate I guess is the best description. Part of the informal mission statement was to go to different places and eat as many different brunches as possible. We do pretty well. We're a once a month group that actually meets 10-11 times per year and we do have favorite places. A few of our most favorite places have closed, as a matter of fact we found out one of them was closed when we showed up and there was no floor! Fuckers. Another part of the mission statement is that there's no pressure to it. We tell you where we'll be and if you feel like coming, great, and if you don't, also great. Only one month per year do we ask for RSVPs (Mother's Day, it's a hell of a day to be going to brunch). In a city of 12 million people and probably about 6 million restaurants you'd think that finding a place where you don't need a reservation, can fit a group, and can bring a few extra people if they show up late, that's good for people of all ages with brunch items for $15 or less wouldn't be that freaking hard. It does present a bit of a brain teaser most months, though. We keep on trying, though, and today is the day of the month (brunch on the second Sunday of every month so I try to give people a heads up on the first Sunday) when I start thinking about where we should go. I have no idea. Blank as a sheet of paper, which isn't unusual. Cross your fingers that I am inspired soon.

No, you can do better than that. Please leave me a comment telling me about your favorite restaurant. It doesn't have to be in NYC, you never know what might inspire me.


  1. The word 'brunch' raises connotations that the word 'lunch' would not. Should I get hung up on the language or no?

    My 'brunch' suggestions would include Cornelia Street Cafe, The Spotted Pig, Paris Commune (I've only had dinner there, but I imagine brunch is great), Moustache and Tartine.

    If you're ever in Long Island City, I recommend Chez Henri, which has great omelets and savory and sweet crepes.

    If you're into lunch, I'd add Khyber Pass, a great Afghani place btw 7th and St. Mark's Place, Meskerem, an Ethiopian place on 47th and 10th, Rai Rai Ken in the East Village, for delicious cold noodles, Momofoku in the East Village, for delicious ramen noodles, a number of places in Koreatown for tofu casseroles and rice dishes (Han Bat, Shilla, Natural Tofu, Kum Gan San), Mandoo Bar, also Ktown, for mandoo soup, Joe's Shanghai (soup dumplings) and Golden Unicorn (dim sum) in Chinatown, and Mee's Noodle Shop (49th and 2nd, 53rd and 9th or 30th and 2nd) for quick, delicious and cheap noodle soups.

    A lot of brunch/lunch depends on what neighborhood you're in.

  2. I rarely eat at any other restaurant in NYC but the one owned by my DH's family. It doesn't really work for brunch. But where I live I used to have a favorite brunch place. It was this hotel restaurant without the awful hotel food. Then they started charging for their amazing bread basket. Damn economy, now I have to find a new brunch joint too.