Friday, August 08, 2008

Casual Attire

Here's another PROMPTuesday entry. Unsurprisingly, it's #9. Why do I not do these every Tuesday? They're so much fun! This one is not a true story. I do not sail if I can possibly avoid it. I did, however, avidly watch Season 3 of Dawson's Creek so I have a soft spot for the activity.

The night gown is incredibly impractical for a sailing trip. He raised a scornful eyebrow when she unpacked it seven nights ago. It’s white and cotton and it billows around her ankles like a sail. If they had bad seas in the middle of the night she’d be useless.

She didn’t want to come on this trip. She doesn’t like sailing and she continually bumps her head on the way into the galley. She never moves fast enough for his liking and she stiffens with the fear of drowning when they finally get up some speed. He assumed the nightgown was a rebellion so he refused to acknowledge it.

Tonight, she’s sitting on the bow, toes trailing in the water and the nightgown bunched around her thighs. Leaning back on her hands with her head thrown back she surveys the vast night sky. The stars are the only reason she ever agrees to go sailing. No day trips for her.

In this light he sees the nightgown for what it is and what it can be. She looks like the girl he bought a Seabreeze for in a stale little bar in the East Village a hundred years ago. He doesn’t look like the boy who wrote his number on her hand as the sun came up over Tompkins Square Park.

He kicks off his topsiders and carefully navigates the deck to sit beside her. For the first time in a while he’d really like to see what she sees.


  1. Oh man, I dug that.
    (Note: I use 60s slang when I REALLY like something.)

    That was GOOD.

  2. Heh, that's AWESOME (I go with the 80s slang myself). Thanks for the prompt and thanks for checking in over here. I'm really enjoying them so much.