Thursday, August 21, 2008

Meet Me Around the Corner and Bring Snacks!

So Snob had an idea and Chili made a blog of it. That's her 6th one if you're counting, but I'm not. Please Pass the Popcorn is a "lazy person's book club" which means that we're talking about movies. I'm a contributor and I posted my first discussion springboard about Murderball, which I watched last night. (Yes, last night I watched Murderball then put the bonus features on my laptop and the Olympics on my TV and watched them in a seesaw fashion. I know, I have an addiction but I can stop any time I want, [No I can't.])

There's no set schedule so maybe you want to add us to your feed reader? I'll try to give you a heads up when I've put something to the mix. I'd love to hear what you have to say, you know how I love movies but do you know how much I love to talk about them? I'm not sure that you do.


  1. I'm VERY excited about this little project. I love movies, too, though perhaps not quite as much as you do, but I DO know that I love to talk about them as much as you do, so this is going to be fun!!

    I'm going to go post an announcement of your post on my blog...

  2. HOORAY!!!! I'm already working on my first post. :-)

  3. I thought Murderball was great. Those guys are tough.