Thursday, August 14, 2008

Remedial Shopper

I need help y'all. (Stop snickering in the back row!) I had 3 friends graduate in various ways in the past few months and I haven't bought any of them a present yet. I want to get them each something nice and I don't know what to get, I'm completely drawing a blank.

Here's the breakdown:

Female high school graduate from VT. She'll be headed to college in the fall, I believe she'll be going to a school on the Gulf Coast in Alabama. She loves baseball, she hates museums, she's a writer.

Male GED earner from NH. He's got a job in his town now. There has been some talk of a move out West but nothing concrete yet. He's a reader, he loves music (used to be in a ska band), we share a devotion to George Carlin. He used to love football, baseball, dogs and babies but I'm not sure at what level he loves those now.

Female college graduate from New York City. She's got a job waiting for her in Toulouse, France. She loves psychology and food and people in general. She's way more sophisticated and smart than I am but she either hasn't figured that out yet or she's humoring me.

HELP! No suggestion too ridiculous or bizarre. I want to give them all things that honor the weight of their accomplishment. I also have a rule about doing my level best to give things that they really will like and/or use. Money doesn't feel right in this instance, not least because I couldn't give them enough money to be worth their while in their coming endeavors.

I'm counting on you guys, you're good at this stuff.


  1. There's a college on the Gulf Coast? I wonder which one? She'll need sunscreen and plenty of it.

    I've got nothing on the ideas, especially for the one moving to france! Cell phone minutes to call home?

  2. HS Graduate:


    France Girl: or

    How'd I do?

  3. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Perhaps for the one going to France, a nice charm bracelet with charms that will remind her of NY and also a mortar board charm?

  4. Magazine subscriptions should never be under rated as a gift. Its my favorite gift. It keeps on giving. I encourage every one to give the gift of the mag!
    Wine from their region. I don't know how NY's interstate shipping laws are but its a delightful gift to find a local vintage possibly a red that be put away and cracked open later in celebration.
    Gourmet Chocolates.
    Phone cards to phone home. So personal. Reach out and touch someone for the France traveler.
    A nice Johnny Depp film. Chocolat'.
    Themed gifts with small stuff and oodles of thought. Stuffed full of just small thought provoking things that can only be found in the great city that is NYC! The center of this great Universe.

  5. I;ve been doing monogrammed LL Bean totes and personalized stationary, but other than being literally personalized, they're not all that personal. I'm also a fan of the so very old school sealing wax.
    Maybe something Red Sox for the hs grad starting college in the South?
    I'll keep pondering... there's nothing I like better than finding the perfect gift...