Sunday, August 31, 2008

Things I've Been Wanting To Link To

End of life decisions are, not surprisingly, on my mind lately. Apparently I'm not the only one. Madame X over at My Open Wallet has had some parental issues tossed on her and she's getting proactive about it. Go see her post about all the things we should be doing to help out whoever is going to wrap things up for us after we're gone. As Auntie Blanche has declined it's become clear that, though there's someone with medical proxy, there are a lot of unanswered questions. I'd like to avoid that issue for whoever cleans up after me. Its a weird gift but an invaluable one.

Did you know that you can make your own dildo? I'm talking molding your own based on the shape of...anything. I find this so intriguing while still be way too much work for the return. If I'm going to invest that much time in a penis it ought to be able to take out the garbage or walk the dog or, well, a number of other things.

You know that Mac has been just killing me with their shitty roll out and customer service. I still covet the beautiful iPhone. However, when I read stories like this I remember why I'll be sticking with my basic blah phone until the service plan and the general foolishness of the process are fixed. I'm up for a new phone and my phone isn't holding a charge and the buttons are unreliable and the casing is sort of rattly. It would have been fun to get a cool computer phone thingamajig but they can kiss my white Scottish ass.

We've talked around here before about when to intervene when you see abuse happening. Feministing talked a little bit about it, too, and it was interesting but didn't help me figure out when to help people out.

Here's not so much a link as a kind of admission of guilt. You know I'm writing over at Please Pass the Popcorn, right? Everyone who writes there is good about pointing out spoilers, which I love. I have to admit, though, that if it's a movie I have any chance of seeing, even if you say the spoiler is minor I'm not going to read the post because I want to go in as freshly as possible. I feel bad not reading the pieces of fellow contributors but I just can't do it. I'm sorry!

Miss Doxie is back! She doesn't update often but she's always funny, my friends. I mean, who writes a sorry-I've-been-gone-I-had-a-huge-breakup post that brings tears of laughter to your eyes? The most recent post includes a re-enactment of a geese rescue that, honestly, about busted my actual gut. You have to go see it for yourself.

I can't remember when this happened or who I was reading or maybe even talking to but I know that the subject of swearing came up. I'm sure of it. I am pro swearing or at least pro choice on the swearing front. I don't think that if we swear the terrorists win or anything. So I was delighted by Schmutzie's post, Swearing Can Change Your Life. See? It's good for you!

Remember that Blog Action Day is October 15th. This year the idea is to jump start a global discussion on poverty which is a worthy idea if I ever heard one. If anyone has any ideas about how to inspire us all to participate I'd love to hear them.

Dude there's a place you can go just to smash shit! That's therapy I can get behind. Thanks to M for the heads up, I feel like booking my ticket to San Diego right now.

To bookend this entry I've got another one from My Open Wallet. There are more things I want to link to but my eyes are crossing and the dog needs a walk. She's reporting on people who are getting divorced for financial reasons. People who are perfectly happy in their marriages. Well that's a new one. Fucking health care system.


  1. That whole "who is cleaning up after we are gone" is huge as my parents while in amazing health, though Dad has Prostate cancer but is having surgery, no chemo and all should be fine, are firming up those plans. To receive a bullet list of procedures and contacts was a bit disconcerting but it really made me feel better. In some weird OCD way.

    Now the dildo option...Yay not so much.

  2. Anonymous6:16 PM

    I'm undergoing iPhone envy. It is very hard to justify getting one and the pricey service plan as I presently pay nothing at all for cell phone service (family plan and son-in-law pays the whole thing).

  3. OK, so I've been busy? And I don't have any time? And reading more stuff is not on my list?
    But how can I resist all those links!!!!

    Damn you, woman!

    Also, I simply must catch up on your PROMPTuesdays...

    So little time,

  4. I just LOVE the idea of the Smash Shack. Too bad there's not one in NYC. Oh wait, there's our can't-fail business idea!

  5. Darci, whew, good on your dad but that must have been tough information to receive. Glad you saw the good in it and good thoughts going out to you guys. Seems like you've got a lot of stress these days, a custom dildo might be just what the doctor ordered.:)

    Oh Deb, I'm right here giving procrastinators a reason to hone their skills! Hope things lighten up for you soon.

    Kath, I think there must be a small storefront in Wallabout just begging to be turned into Smash Shack East, tell me when you're ready to get started!