Thursday, August 28, 2008

Woof, Meow, Ouch

The 12th PrompTuesday was a guest lesson and it was kind of hard. I was able to do it once I came up with a little inspiration. This one's dedicated to Bobby & Lorry.

With apologies to Aesop:

Once there was a kitten who found herself living with a very large dog. She was a small and frail thing, though she didn’t know it. He was a big brute, though he didn’t know it either. The kitten, being an uppity and intelligent sort, took advantage of the dog’s kindly disposition. She ordered him to give her his food and to bathe her. He didn’t mind that. She couldn’t eat enough to matter to him and it only took one or two swipes of his enormous tongue to clean her spotless. One day, however, the kitten saw the dog sitting on a comfortably fuzzy rug and she thought, “I am the smart one, I should get the deliciously fuzzy rug.” She asked him to move but he said that he had to wait there for his person to return from the waterfall. So she swatted him on the jowl and told him to go. He responded by nudging her gently away with his mammoth nose. In a fit of pique the kitten marched around to his haunches and bit the dog as hard as she could right on the ass. Surprised and betrayed the dog put one enormous paw down on the kitten’s head and held her there until she cried uncle.
The moral of the story is, respect the strength, ‘cause in a pitched battle you can still be pinned down until you surrender.


  1. Awww. I like the moral of your story but honestly, Bobby would never pin down Lorry. She always wins.

    Now I must return to my waterfall.

  2. Absolutely no disrespect to the Bobster. I found this prompt really hard and had to make liberal use of my artistic license in order to get a moral out of it. There are no morals where kittens are concerned!