Tuesday, September 09, 2008

And While We're At It

Who's fucking dumbass idea was it to do this big conspiracy theory super collider end of the world bullshit the day before the anniversary of 9/11? Christ on Craig Ferguson's hairy ass did no one else think about this? I know that everyone is being satirical and funny and all ha ha ha perhaps we'll all die but, you know, given past and present events I'm already riddled with plenty of anxiety. If you'd like some I'd be happy to share and you can just sit on your super collider until next month.

At least.


  1. Your Christ gets around, doesn't he?

    I'm not giving it a second thought; it's going to come to nothing, I think. Save your anxiety for worrying that you'll make the right train or something, really.

  2. I think the timing is impeccably bad, but agree with Chili that it's not going to come to anything. If it does, feel free to say "I told you so, jackass."

  3. Please don't make me think about Craig Ferguson's hairy ass this early in the AM

  4. I'm lost. I love Craig or did. What did he do? I've been asleep at nine pm all week. Boo! Fill me in.

  5. It's actually not even going to be operating up to the level of the one in Chicago for a few months. Start worrying around Christmas, if that's what you're into. But this is really nothing to fret about. The fears are all fi and no sci.