Sunday, September 21, 2008

Maybe I Should Have Saved This For Tuesday

But I'm not going to.

Zelda and two of her girls, MGirl and Mandrea, are visiting from that place where the wind goes sweeping down the plain. They're doing some continuing ed to boost their earnings back on the home plain. They've been in New York just about twenty-four hours and here are some reasons that I should have houseguests more often.

1. Fun! Duh.

2. Excuses to buy more books. I mean Zelda visits that bookstore every year when she comes and she was buying books and I didn't want her to be lonely. That would be rude.

3. Chicken Fried Steak and guacamole and margarita at Cowgirl.

4. Sushi, which we haven't done yet but will manage at some point.

5. It inspires me to do things I would normally dismiss as too much trouble or too crazy or not worth it. We're going to head up to the Bronx after the ladies get out of class this afternoon. We know we won't get into Yankee Stadium on this the last day of play inside it but they want to soak in some atmosphere, buy some souvenirs and get a few pictures. I think it's going to be really interesting and a cool experience. I also think I'll still be wigged by the crowds and all but that it'll be worth it.

6. It motivates me to do things like scrub my toilet and wash my floors (need new mop) and brush the dog. These are things I really should do all the time but well, you know me, I don't.

7. It's good for the pets. The cats are getting a lot better but they still see someone walk in the front door and look like they've seen a ghost, a very angry ghost. I think they've both allowed all three of the girls to touch them already which is a giant step forward. The dog, interestingly enough, even abandoned the fold out bed with me and Zelda and slept on the floor in the bedroom with MGirl and Mandrea.

8. It's good for me. The last few times Pony Express has called to say, "I'm coming over to drop something off/pick something up/watch TV" I've had to respond "OK, I'll put on pants." It's good that I'm made to remember that this is not normal.

9. I'm newly motivated to work on my million dollar idea of a New York City travel guide for middle income tourists to our fair city tentatively titled New York Virgins. It will provide web, e-mail, phone and in person support as needed (and paid for) to clients, helping them to enjoy their visit to New York City and learn to navigate it safely and well on their own. MGirl is going to be my sample success story for marketing. I'm having so much fun watching her move and groove around the city this trip. She's using all the stuff she learned last year and she's loving every minute of it. So proud.

10. It's fun to curl up in the bed with a friend and giggle before you fall asleep. Last night we almost had to change the sheets when the cat saw me, jumped up on the bed, saw Zelda and lost her tiny feline mind! Hilarious.

Maybe you had to be there.

11. OOooo, there are more than 10! An excuse to have a party. We're having folks over and wine and deviled eggs and Zelda is doing hair and everything tomorrow night. On a school night no less.


  1. Your New York Virgin tour idea is an excellent one. You would be so good at this. Get to working!

  2. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Please tell me you didn't buy Yankees souvenirs!

  3. Anonymous8:23 PM

    You mean not wearing pants around the house isn't normal? Crap.

  4. I think its a great idea! You are the best NYC guide!

  5. That sounds super delightful. There is nothing like Girl Time.

    Also, love the New York Virgins idea. I'm your target market, baby!

  6. You're on to something with the NY Virgin tour idea!

  7. Anonymous10:37 PM

    New York Virgin...I can see your name on the cover! i love you my new found friend and am soooo grateful for your hospitality!!! my first trip would not have been nearly as great without you!

  8. Auntie, I bought nothing. We did have one Yanks fan in the bunch so there were a couple of souvenir programs bought. It was the last game at the stadium I couldn't fault anyone for that.

    I'm definitely going to be asking you guys more questions about the NY Virgins idea to see how it should be structured. Thanks for all that enthusiasm!