Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pointing You In The Left Direction

Have I mentioned that MAB has a blog of his own now? Well, he does. You should go read it. He's funny and ranty and socially liberal but fiscally conservative, just like I like 'em. Go start a dialogue with him. He's having to quote me* from his comments section lately and I'm not sure that's worthy of the rest of his work. Give him some variety, will you, please?

*If you think that the choice of Sara Palin for GOP VP candidate makes the Obama ticket a lock you should read this. Nothing in this election is a lock y'all, not even close, so please do not stop working toward change.


  1. AMEN to that last part. Living in the RED state that i do, these good ole boys are saying to us girls, "see? we aren't closed minded. we'll vote for a woman." (a woman who for all intents and purposes hates her gender. well said Kizz.) GAH!!!

    KEEP ON. We must keep on.

  2. You guys in the red are on the front lines and I admire you. I don't know that I could survive in that environment very long. I certainly wouldn't be very well liked.

  3. yeah, well I wore my Obama 08 shirt up to the bar sunday night. it wasn't pretty. what it did was remind me that i choose. I CHOOSE. and while not everyone in my life is required to think and live exactly like I do...I don't have to spend time with people who are so opposed to me. not anymore.

  4. Loved your comment over there, Kizz. As for the post..it was Kizz this and Kizz that! You gotta love it.

    Meanwhile, I'm watching the Republican convention as little as possible as it seems that I am beating my head against the wall...

  5. I want to be more informed but it's hard to be informed without being terrified or having my head explode.