Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Randomosity to the Power of 10

Too much fun in the near term and too much upheaval in the longer term for me to be able to formulate a themed list for today. Yesterday around 3:30 I had plenty of work still do to but had completely lost the ability to accomplish anything. To my credit I kept trying but I'd do things like look at my list, dial the phone and then just give up. Everything, right down to my sentences, was left unfinished. Let's see what I can do for you today, though.

1. It turns out that I prefer the solid color Smart Cars to the traditional two tone ones. Too bad the color isn't the important part about Smart Cars.

2. Over at Chili's there's a slightly warmer than room temperature political conversation going on. She got worried about the heat of it and I waded in there and got all advocatey about emotional distance on this emotional topic and extended the conversation with a question. Then someone answered me mostly pleasantly and basically rationally from their side of the debate and I had such an enormously emotional response that I find myself completely unable to continue the discussion that I put a big stink up about continuing in an adult manner. Seriously you guys, all my thoughts came rushing to my fingertips and my hair caught on fire and the only thing that kept me from spewing my froth all over the poor woman's blog was the fact that I was crying too hard to see the keyboard. Crisis narrowly averted.

3. Sarah Palin is in town. She's coming to the UN, which just happens to be near my office. Security is tight ass. I have to walk 5 blocks just to find a mailbox that's unlocked. I wonder how she'll like the UN. She's got a great ice breaker at least. She can walk right up to the Russian delegate and say, "Hey! Haven't I seen you from my kitchen window?"

4. Dear Craig Ferguson, call me! I can write political jokes, see? Craig? Hello? Helllooooo?

5. There's a Jonatha Brooke song that I'd never heard until today which is sort of breaking my heart. Jen Lemen posted a video or you can check out the lyrics.

6. There's this thing you're urged to do when writing drama where if you want to bring people to a hard emotion like sadness then you should try to make them laugh first. It brings their emotions closer to the surface since laughter is easier for most people to access. Once they feel open then you can slip in the more painful emotion and it will reach a deeper place with your audience. So, I'm all sad, with good reason. Then Zelda and the girls come and we're just having so much fun. Yesterday I went to work and they went to class and pretty much from the moment I left them I was crying all day. So that whole make 'em laugh to make 'em cry thing really works.

7. I miss my Auntie Blanche. So much.

8. The cream cheese deviled egg of the day was truly delicious.

9. Zelda colored my hair for me and I love it. (pictured)

10. I didn't post yesterday. I just...didn't. It felt kind of weird but OK but weird but, well, you know.


  1. "She can walk right up to the Russian delegate and say, "Hey! Haven't I seen you from my kitchen window?""


    I was in the bookstore the other day, and I heard Jonatha's voice on the sound system. It seems she's done a sort of pseudo-cover album of Woodie Guthrie (?) songs. I didn't buy the CD - I'm not sure that my love of Jonatha can overcome my apathy about Guthrie.

    Your hair is fierce. I need a cut.

    p.s. - you can spew froth all over my blog any time you want; I've got your back (just don't spew froth if you happen to actually be in FRONT of me, because, far from holding back that fierce hair, I'll be running in the other direction. Sorry, that's just how I roll).

  2. Your hair looks divine!

  3. Anonymous7:06 PM

    I laughed my ass off at your Palin joke!! She was in my city sometime last week and she loudly and happily said, "Hello Grand Rapids!"

    I live in CEDAR Rapids but she was kinda close. About as close as Alaska and Russia.

  4. Anonymous9:33 PM

    As someone who'd lived in Michigan and who's family is from Iowa, yeah, getting Grand Rapids and Cedar Rapids mixed up is so stupid ... it's like the people who don't know the difference between Iowa, Indiana and Idaho. Get a map!

    Hang in there Kizz - but feel free to cry freely. You won't need to forever, but it'll feel good to do so now.

  5. Love the hair. Am jealous.

    My heart aches for you. The anniversary of my Granny's death was yesterday and after 6 years I still tear up thinking of her. What a dame she was.

  6. Oooo, LOVE the hair. Zelda, you do nice work!

  7. Mrs. C (and anybody else who cares),

    Woody's own recordings are spotty and sound exactly like what they are, Library of Congress field recordings.

    Get Billy Bragg and Wilco's "Mermaid Avenue". They took Woody's unpublished lyrics and made songs out of them. Great stuff from our closest modern equivalents.

  8. Mostly pleasantly? Basically rationally?! Pfffft. ;-)

    I enjoyed our discussion, Kizz. Thank you for bringing your views for what you may be assured is my thoughtful consideration.

    The hair is hot.

  9. I am sorry you are missing your Auntie Blanche. I saw one of those smart cars driving down the road the other day - it was so much smaller, even than it looks in print.

  10. Hair is hot and Craig Ferguson definitely needs to hire you.

  11. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Are you ok?

  12. Zelda does good work don't she? I'm so lucky and she totally did that for free, too? HOw good a friend is that?

    Chili, it wasn't going to be vomity froth more like rabies kind of froth or a froth made of a trillion ideas that I'm incapable of sorting into linear sentences. Thanks, though.

    Snob, we're coming up on the 8th anniversary of my grandfather's death and I miss the bejesus out of him, too. It doesn't go away.

    Oh you guys I'd be so excited if Craig would give me a try. I'd also love it if he'd hire me as a writer.