Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Turns Out Timing Is Everything

Stealth shot taken while my boss was on the phone sitting right next to me. Tee hee.

Taken to show that I have my watch back! Little Seal put the final nail in my watch band's coffin on the day that Dark Knight came out. I'd been holding it together with spit and prayer up to that point which is pretty ineffective, especially against playful exuberance. At the time I thought, "You should just put this away. You're too tied to the clock. Take a break." I felt all virtuous and good-for-me.

That was over a month ago and, frankly, I've slowly been going completely nucking futs without my watch. I have hobbled along clutching my cell phone or picking brand new spots in dance class so I can see the ineffectual digital clock on the wall but there's no security in that and no subtlety either.

So I trekked over to Central Watch Band (LOVE LOVE LOVE them, could stand there all day and watch them work) and spent a little more money for the perfect watch band, attached while I waited and am now just the itsiest bit giddy about how complete I feel again.

I'm tied to time. It's just the way I am. Love me or leave me. I will note the exact minute of your passing.


  1. I feel completely nekkid without a watch.

    Booger has learned to tell time and now spouts off the exact time at random moments....which, by the way, is completely adorable.

  2. I used to LOVE my watches. Now, they sit in my drawer. I'm not sure when the shift came... perhaps I should dig them out and get to know them again...

  3. Anonymous9:20 PM

    You'll have to tell me the story about Little Seal and the watch band! My band is pretty much broken - not from Little Seal, just from time (Ha!), so now it's a pocket watch.

  4. Never wear a watch. Ever.
    I remarked a while back to Joe that the watch was out dated due to cell phones.
    But look at you... all giddy and complete!
    There is someone who finds them still useful after all.
    I stand corrected!

  5. Miflohny, you were THERE! :) Just as you were going out to put on your shoes he was just feeling the watch and it disintegrated in his hand. It was in bad shape before he got hold of it.

    Oh Gert there is SO a call for watches. I mean, pulling out your phone and looking at the time is so gauche! Also, what about when you're in a movie or a play when your phone should be OFF OFF OFF! OK, technically you should probably be watching the movie or the play instead of looking at your watch but I NEED TO KNOW. I can't help it.

    You know the MOST annoying thing about not wearing a watch? I kept looking around to steal the time off someone else's watch and NO ONE WAS WEARING ONE! How rude! :)