Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chemistry, yeah chemistry

I am finally fulfilling my promise to join the Day in the Life experiment that Mrs. G set up. I'm late and I'm cheating, this is starting to turn out like my high school chemistry class. Did you know that D+ is a passing grade? Not one you'd want anyone to know about but a passing grade nonetheless.

I am sick today. I came home from work and I crashed on the couch and I'm still plenty tired enough to go to sleep as soon as I hit post (and walk the dog and fill the humidifier and...). I figured out it would be easier to move the order of my photos around in Flickr so I uploaded them over there and made a set and told the story that way. I hope you'll go over there and see what my atypical day was like. See? The assignment was for a typical day, I'm cheating again!

I hope Mrs. G is as generous a grader as my high school chemistry teacher.


  1. Anonymous12:39 AM

    That was fun! I love to see how other people live and what they see every day.

    Sorry to hear that you're sick - take care of yourself.

  2. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Feel better!

  3. I loved your day. Made me miss ya! I hope you are feeling better. Load up on rest and OTC and hot liquids...Close your eyes and know that summer is on it's way back to you!!!

  4. Kilner, right?

    I particularly loved the photo of you reflected in the elevator ceiling...

  5. Okay, now that is a great blog project idea. I love your photoset. I might do this one day, when I can remember my camera!

  6. Anonymous1:14 PM

    No matter how you slice it, 6 am is UGLY, no? I love your photo montage and I send healing thoughts to you on your couch with your lovely dog...

  7. Chili, it's actually Brando, or ideally Robert Alda. It's a character named Skye Masterson from a musical, Guys & Dolls. This is a short spoken quote from a song called I'll Know. Skye, a gangster, and Sarah, a Salvation Army worker, are telling each other how they'll know when their love will come along. I think his full exchange is,

    Skye: Mine will come as a surprise to me. Mine I leave to chance and chemistry.

    Sarah: Chemistry?

    Skye: Yeah, chemistry. Suddenly I'll know when my love comes along...

    Also, I kind of love taking those elevator ceiling shots. I'm going to miss them when we move offices.

    Seester, I can't wait to see your day!

    Yeah, I dislike 6am, especially when it's all dark out. The cat, however, is all for 6am, or 4am or any am as long as someone is paying attention to him!