Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dessert For Breakfast

You know what's great about being an adult? In a lot of instances you can do whatever the hell you feel like. If you were a kid and you said, "The only way I can do my homework is if I move the computer into the living room so I can watch TV." your parents would, one way or another, tell you to go fuck yourself. Not so when you're the one in charge and you don't have anyone looking up to you as an example. So, this evening, after taking a quick nap that lasted 3 hours, I moved the desktop computer into the living room so I could do my homework. God bless the simplicity of Apple. As a result I've uploaded a bunch of photos to Flickr. There are new kittens in the Infinite Hope set and I've put up all of the shots from Zelda's headshot session. There will be more added before the night is through. My eyes will be crossed but I'll have a sense of accomplishment.

So much better than trig problems.


  1. Isn't she lovely?
    This is the face I see when I think of her.
    Her laughter.
    Her smile.
    She is beautiful.

  2. She is. This is how I think of her too. So glad I captured a second of it so I can look at it anytime I want.

  3. That's a GREAT shot. She seems like a lotta fun!

  4. She is. I'm pretty sure you'd love her.

  5. and I'm pretty sure Jimmy Hoffa can be found in my cleavage.
    but I do love you!!!

  6. I love that picture!

    BTW, I saw on CNN that there was a deadly fire in Brooklyn....are you okay? I worry....

  7. Jimmy Hoffa would be lucky to be there. Some girls (read: ME) would give anything to have cleavage!

    Also, I love you back.

    Oh Snob, I probably need to read more CNN. I had no idea. I went and looked it up and it looks like it was in a neighborhood a fair bit from mine and a new citizen and a small boy were trapped and killed. That's too bad. Thanks for checking on me.

  8. Whew...thanks for the update. I fell better knowing you're safe.

  9. Zelda, you look SIZZLING. Not sure what you plan to do with these, but if I were you I'd rent a billboard with a big ole "Look At Me People! I look HOT!" caption.