Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Do I Really Need To Explain What This Is Now?

1. Falcon gave me a present. I asked if I could give it back. (Miss Manners wants to be me.) But really, are elevated blood pressure and heart palpitations a gift? Oh, well, when you put it that way, I guess they could be. My bad. (This 10 Things list is all because of that gift and how my mind went whirling around after I read it. Please note my comments to the post as a jumping off point.)

2. Jules is experiencing life as one of the working poor. This has meant a change in health insurance. She's got normal health issues for someone of her age, nothing catastrophic or urgent necessarily. Check out how she's being taken care of by our health care system.

3. If you want catastrophic illness and how that affects a hard working middle class family please cruise by Clusterfook, three time battler with rare cancers of the abdomen and reproductive organs. Her current prognosis is not good but her attitude is awesome. Her story might not have a different ending if she'd had better health care but it sure as shit would have had a better middle.

4. Clusterfook pointed me to this brilliant post by Miss Britt about her debate with Republican-minded friends over the health care issue. My favorite quote is, "We are not talking about welfare mamas looking for boob jobs!" That quote is the crux of what I think people who are against things like universal health care think. They think that everyone on welfare is a moocher and that everyone who is asking for help with health care is faking. They put finger quotes around "mother's health." I may be wrong, christ I hope I'm wrong, but I can't seem to stop thinking it.

5. We're at 5, we need to lighten things up. Via Feministing here's a video by Dan Savage about why he wants to be Sarah Palin's gay friend. Dan's funny. If he gets the job I wonder if there's combat pay.

6. I hesitate to bring anything even vaguely religious into a list about politics and government in America but after hesitating I'm going to do it anyway. JCK posted a prayer/poem for children. Whether you pray or not, this election is, in a lot of ways, about helping all the children mentioned in the poem. I think it's wise to keep that in the forefront of our minds as we consider our candidates at all levels.

7. MAB put up a video of Colin Powell's candidate endorsement. I haven't watched it yet but hope to today. Powell is someone I respect, similarly to the respect I previously held for McCain, so I'm looking forward to hearing his words in context.

8. Tomato Nation, Finslippy, even John Scalzi are participating in one way or another with the Blogger Challenge over at Donors Choose. Have you ever checked out Donors Choose? It's an organization where teachers can price out and request materials for a particular project and put them on a website where potential donors can scroll through to pick projects they want to support. Support with money, that is. From guitars to glue! From shredders to Shakespeare! Schools need everything and it's not being provided for them. Remember when you'd get to school on the first day and there would be a new pack of crayons in every desk? Doesn't happen any more. If you're someone who thinks that we need to lower taxes and that teachers are paid too much and privitization of services is the answer to our woes then you need to start donating pronto. Please do that right after you explain why you're still here when I've been so mean about you for months on end. Your fortitude is inspiring.

9. In re: the whole discussion of lowering taxes and not wanting to support people "mooching" off welfare and how we all need to support the people in our community and everything will work out without government interference there's this post from Dooce which makes my point from here a little clearer, I think. Maybe not but it does at least talk about it some more and we're all about the talking right here before the election.

10. Let's end on a light note. Kath (with an assist from her Mama) pointed me toward Yes We Carve. Fabulous movement.


  1. I've decided that, for the next (what is now? 14?) 14 days, I'm going to keep my fucking mouth shut. I'm pretty damned tired of all of this - it's starting to get a bit beyond "vibrant and energetic debate - and I'm getting sick of being dismissed as an idiot and a communist because I think that Obama's ideas about the redistribution of wealth aren't maybe so terrible....

  2. I, too, am sick of being told that I'm a second class citizen for a thousand reasons, my thoughts on economic policy and my vagina chief among them. However, aren't these 14 days the days we should take a page from Colin Powell's book and continue to speak, to speak well, and calmly and with the courage of our convictions? Should we not, for the next 14 days and the rest of our lives, answer Powell's question, "Which is the individual that serves the needs of the nation for the next period of time?" I know I'm not going to change Falcon's mind and I suspect I won't change anybody's mind but I pretend there is the one mythical undecided voter out there who might stumble across me and take note. In the immortal words of Lyle Lovett, "But what would you be if you didn't even try
    You have to try."

    You should, of COURSE, do whatever feels right for you but....

    we have to try. Right?

  3. I just had another thought. If we don't want to hear or be told things about ourselves (by people who clearly know us better than we know ourselves) it's perfectly all right for us to keep talking. We can talk and talk and talk all we want. We just have to stop LISTENING for the next 14 days.

  4. Thanks for all the wonderful links. I wish Dan Savage was my gay boyfriend. I love his writing.

  5. Anonymous8:12 PM

    And I'm getting sick of being dismissed as an idiot and a Nazi because I think maybe some of McCain's ideas aren't maybe so terrible...

    and being told I'm a second class citizen for a thousand reasons, my thoughts on foriegn policy and my penis chief among them...

    It goes both ways, folks.

    Please note that nobody within this blogging group has treated me this way (though my hackles have instinctively risen more than once or twice before I calmed myself and remembered who was speaking), but my point is Obama supporters are not the only ones who get treated with vitriolic comments for their views.

  6. Everybody needs a gay boyfriend, by GOD. Especially need laughs right now.

    Thanks for linking the poem. I just loved how the author went back and forth between the haves and have nots, and how that ties into what we need for our country's children.

    Keep to your views! Please. That's why I come. Love your honesty and throwing it out there.

  7. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Laughter again !!! Kizz and Mrs. Chili spew out extreme liberal views week after week. Now when you are challenged with alternative views backed up by details and data, you both stomp around and Chili goes off and pouts. Mrs. Chili regularly brags about being smart and a critical
    think. Most people who are really smart don't need to brad about it. If you're such a critical thinker, why can't you debate issues with facts instead of just a steady stream of liberal pablum.

    I'm just glad where I live most people don't buy into the benefit of all these liberal ideas. My state will be in the McCain column.

  8. Anonymous9:50 AM

    All due respect, Pearl, but I know Mrs. Chili, and you don't know what you're talking about. I appreciate the fact that you're apparently siding with me, but she could debate with a boatload of facts if she so chose, and if she did, she'd bury you.

  9. Note from your friendly neighborhood blogger: Please don't feed the trolls. From what I understand Pearl came here to stir up some trouble because she couldn't find any in a couple of other places in my blogroll. Let her have her moment in the sun and we can all move on.

  10. Um, I just wanted to say thanks for saying nice things about my post.

    I'm a little nervous about poking my head up... :-)

  11. Hey there Miss Britt, thanks for stopping by. Please don't be nervous, most of the time we all play nice here, this post's comments have one tiny exception. Thanks for writing that post, it helped me out a lot and I was glad to have a chance to share it.

    By the way I was reading through your archives a bit today and please trust me when I say that it was $120 well spent. I predict you will have no regrets and it won't take you any time at all to figure out all those controls.