Monday, October 27, 2008

Lost & Found

There was one other good (or bad depending on your perspective) story from my Halloween job this weekend. I met a lot of versions of Batman. A lot. One of them was a gentleman of perhaps 4 years. He was unsure of my skeleton at best but making a go of it. He was with family, about 8 of them, plenty of adults, good interaction. They wanted pictures. They actually wanted pictures with Batman in them but he wasn't having any of it. He eyed me warily and kept me at arm's length. I moved on and 5 minutes later I hadn't made it more than 15 feet to the left but I had met a whole lot more people and at least one more Batman. Suddenly I turned around and heard, "Where's my mommy?"


I'm not supposed to talk under all these costumes but in this case I made an exception because here was my wary Batman.

"Where's my mommy?"

I looked around and I couldn't find her anywhere. "OK, we'll fix it. It's OK. Here." I held out my hand.

He looked at me like I was the dumbest skeleton he'd ever met. Then he shook his head vigorously, "I'm scared of you."

Uh, OK. You have to appreciate a kid having that shitty a day and not melting down. He's in a crowd, he loses his mom and the only authority figure he can locate is some nightmare-inducing tap dancing skeleton but he doesn't panic he just keeps the goal in his sights. Sorry kid. "Uh....OK, we'll fix this. I promise."

"Where's my mommy?"

"OK, do you see those people over there in the orange shirts?"


"Will you take my hand so I can show you?"


KID!!! "There are people over there who can help. Let's....let's just walk over there together, OK?"


So we did, leaving a 3 foot gap between us the whole time.

Half an hour later I saw him with his family and all was well. I have a feeling that kid is going to go far. He neither compromises nor blinks and he doesn't stop until the job gets done.

McCain should have picked him for a running mate.


  1. OH my god that made me laugh...uh huh I'm scared of you! awesome. and glad the story ended well.

  2. But was he an outsider?

  3. Nah, he was an insider. We were all inside. It was raining. :)

    Z, after I finished panicking that this kid was going to be lost forever it was kind of hilarious.