Saturday, October 25, 2008

More of That Postive Crap I Keep Talking About

I know that when we're all having a pleasantly logical discussion it may seem like I'm not taking anything emotionally. I know that when I respond with carefully thought out arguments that strive to further the debate it may seem like I'm more Darlene than Becky in this Roseanne universe. Try to remember, though, that I'm from New England. Repressing emotion was put into the water with fluoride when I was a kid. Plus, I'm a woman, and any woman who's ever won an argument (and I've won my fair share) knows that if you actually bitch slap someone the argument it lost because they're just going to say that you're a hysterical girl.

I'm offended. I'm deeply fucking offended and it's changing the way I view a lot of people and the way I approach new people. I'm not sorry, I'm not logical and I'm not fucking hysterical, I'm defending myself and every day it feels like I'm in more jeopardy. I'm not saying that Margaret Atwood had a time machine or anything but I wouldn't fucking be surprised.

In an effort to lighten the hell up so I don't commit a felony and lose my right to vote I'm looking for the funny. I'll take it anywhere. You know how I feel about videos and I just watched through about two weeks of videos I'd saved to my reader for a time when I had a moment to pay attention to them. The David Sedaris one about the personal catheter was funny but you can find that on your own. I'm going to share a lesser known one. Via Plaintive Wail (I really think I went to college with Falk but I have no way of knowing for sure) here's an eight and a half minute documentary on The Culture War in the style of Ken Burns. Some of it's funny, some of it's not, some of you will like it and some of you will probably be offended but if you don't laugh out loud at the woman who waged Aroma Warfare then you just might not be paying attention.

Lighten up already. I will if you will.


  1. Anonymous9:41 PM

    I'm gonna be just a tad narcissistic (sp?) here and assume I'm the one who's deeply fucking offended you.

    Again, just in case you didn't see my response over at the Eyrie, I'm sorry. To offend was not my intent.

    Jesus. First TwoBlue, now you.

    Maybe I just shouldn't blog anymore...

  2. You? Of course, that's not a secret. JUST you? No offense but, don't flatter yourself. No need to stop blogging it's not the blogging part that offended me.

  3. I don't get what's going on.

    But? I've always been Becky.

  4. Oh it's nothing that isn't happening to half the free world. The election and surrounding "debates" are making me want to put my hands around the throat of the internet until it and everyone on it straightens up and flies right. That's it. Nothing unusual.

    As long as neither of us is DJ we're probably doing OK. Of course these days I'm more of a Jackie which is kind of embarrassing to admit. Where are the Dan Conors of the world? I want to find me one of those.

  5. Have you seen Olde English? I can almost always find a video of theirs to lighten my mood. They are fabulous satirists - (

  6. Anonymous7:59 AM

    In an effort to suggest some happiness, go here:

    I did this post almost two years ago, but it's a list of stand-up routines I've always enjoyed. Maybe watching on of them will cheer you up.

  7. May be lighting up would be beneficial.
    I keep coming here and reading because I like reading your New England version of things.
    And I don't all ways agree... but I still love the way you aords things and the points come out of you.

  8. I'm confused... I thought political debates were best held with emotions in check... Although watching Biden bitch-slap Palin might have been amusing...

  9. Yes, they are. So I hold mine in check when debating politics. I'd just like people to realize that just because one is holding back during the debate doesn't mean the emotions aren't there. If you tell me you think I'm not competent to make decisions about my own body I'm going to be offended. Really fucking offended so don't think we're going to finish the discussion and I'm still going to think you're an awesome person who deserves a whole ton of my respect and admiration.

    Or the short answer: without outwardly showing emotion and without using derogatory language one can still be truly offensive.

  10. No one can tell you that you can't make decisions about your own body. I am all afire about that one.

    Saturday Night Live clips are keeping me going over here. I need to google the Ron Howard clip. He gets dressed as Opie and discusses Obama with Andy Griffith and then turns into his Happy Days character and talks about Obama to the Fonz. My husband said it was hilarious.

    You just keep on being you, girl!