Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pleasant Surprises

I am off gallivanting today. If you hear a small child scream and pee her pants you can giggle and think of me.

OK, for real I usually get non-scary costumes so there probably won't be a lot of clean up involved. I got all my stuff done today and Kath came up with a funny costume for Em and we put some finishing touches on Bobby's truly glorious costume (there might have been a tiny bit of pee when we tried it on him). Bottom line is I won't be hanging around the internet much today. I wanted to leave the place looking nice in case company came by, though, so here's the Hot People post that Chili requested.

I didn't expect that still photos would do Ron Perlman justice. Then I found this photo and had to change my panties. Twice.
I know Will Smith has the jughead ears but he's so sweet, I can't help but love them and the man they rode in on.
The contract with CSI has yielded more photos of Lawrence Fishburne which is a good thing. I thought I was at my limit of new photos. He keeps a pretty low profile on this here intarwebs.

Mike Lowell in happier times. Look at that smile, we should keep him happy all the time. I have a couple of methods I think would be foolproof.
I'll admit that I mostly picked this one for the dog but Will's kind of smoking too.

Yeah. Not exactly chopped liver.
Grim determination. We'll get 'em next year.
With moves like that how could we not?
See? Will's keeping the faith. I look at that smile and I feel completely reassured about everything. Also a little tingly.

He's almost hypnotic.
I'm ending on a surprise. Chili didn't request this guy but after the cage match in the comments a couple of days ago I had to include him. Ladies, for future reference this is what I got when I googled "Craig Ferguson" and "naked."

I guess that answers the question of what he's wearing under that kilt.


  1. Siiiiighhhhhh!

    Thank you.


  2. What a stunning Hot People.
    The Age and Wisdom version.
    Noodle loves Will Smith... has since before she was born seriously.
    And Mr. Perlman with that cigar...woof!
    I am Legend didn't do the book justice but for that dog and he is super smoking.
    Thanks Kizz... Oh what a beautiful world.

  3. You're welcome, ladies. I enjoy the heck out of doing it.

  4. You have good taste, woman!

    I ran into Mr. Fishburne once. In the parking lot of a spa. It was a chinese bath house where you can get massages, so don't be imagining all kinds of kink.

    I couldn't find your email on your blog to email you this separately. So...segue into... the beautiful artwork- painting (Yes! I agree!) was found under google image search with the words: "artwork women gagged." Page 2. This will sound completely wierd to your readers. *sigh* Let me know if you can find the artist. All I found were other blogs that had used it!

  5. I have a whole new respect for Ron Perlman now that I'm so into Sons of Anarchy.