Monday, October 27, 2008


So, I'm not exactly super cool. Perhaps you've noticed. At least I own it. This post is to thank JRH for saving my bacon by accidentally making me cool enough to get my job done.

Not my 9-5 but that Halloween job I keep rabbiting on about. I know. It was 3 hours where I interacted with approximately 500 people, though, so a lot happened and I keep thinking of things. Just wait until Friday when I do it again only with adults.

Anyway, long before I knew I would do this job, way back in June, I got a chance to meet JRH's son for the first time. He's one of those who puts on a shy face for safety's sake when he meets people. Thinking I knew kids I went with what turned out to be a hopelessly out of date gesture. I asked for a high five. I got bupkus. His mother kindly stepped in and said, "Come on. How about pound it? Will you pound it?" I briefly wondered why she was encouraging her kid to hit me as a getting to know you technique then saw him do an MLB-worthy fist bump with his dad.

Aha! I pounded it, felt very hip and moved on.

That was four months ago, though. I've lost a lot of brain cells since then. I spent Saturday afternoon blissfully broadcasting my age and high fiving kids from 6 months to 60 years old. The confused glances did not deter me because I was out there mingling with the people, I was having success and saving kids from being characters on a JJ Abrams show. I was on fire.

Late in the day I wound up behind a group of older kids, between 10 & 12 probably. At first glance they seemed equipped to deal with a slightly bigger scare but after they all took a look at me it was clear I'd misjudged. They were there on some sort of outing, there was nearly a 1-1 ratio of adults to children and everyone was wearing name tags. The language from the adults was a tip off, too, it was all teaching language and visible from a mile away. The kids stayed scared but stuck with their adults (or more accurately hid behind them) and kept looking at me. I got the oldest one to shake my hand. I tried for a second guy and he couldn't commit. It was just way too freaky for him. I tried a high five. What can I say? Old habits die hard. The lead adult encouraged him but he couldn't see his way clear so, just like another adult four months ago, she stepped in. "How about pound it? Can you handle that? Go on."

Clearly I seem halfway hip because both ladies assumed I'd know this. I need to remind them that I went to school for acting. I'm only acting cool. Apparently I'm succeeding more than I knew. There I stood under about 4 lbs. of cat head thinking, "This pound it? It sounds familiar. I should know...aha!" Made a fist, got it pounded, even did that fancy little twist thing. I felt super cool.

So, thanks JRH for making me cool and saving me from one doozie of an awkward moment, which is saying something coming from a woman who was wearing a poofy linen jumpsuit and a mesh cat head with pipe cleaner whiskers.


  1. The credit actually goes to Sophie, her mom, and a couple other of my field hockey girls who spent some time after practice teaching my son some mad skilz. These endearing skills should not be confused with the ones taught to him by the varsity coach, including how to gargle liquids and use my whistle.

  2. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Do you have a picture of this costume? I mean, how scary could you be as a cat?

  3. OH...these are wonderful costumed tales. Too funny.

    We still do "high fives" here in Southern California. At least with the 3-5 year old crowd.

    Reminds me of my Eastern Onion days...although I only did the kids party animal characters once. Was. Not. Good. At. It.

  4. Gargling liquids sounds dangerous for a small person.

    Jules, think of a regular person's body with big black gloves on but then the head is so large that when I put it on I'm looking out the mouth and it's nearly the width of my shoulders. I purposely chose the one with the big pointy jack-o-lantern teeth, too. The eyes are big bottle-tops with fake lizard-skin irises. It's not like bloody corpse scary, it's more subtly disturbing. I wish I had a photo. Damn me not having a personal photographer! :)

  5. Anonymous2:09 AM

    ok, that does sound a little disconcerting! Sometimes it's the slightly creepy stuff that is more scary than something bloody. Although I absolutely love Cirque du Soleil, some of the characters in it are a little disturbing.