Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rocking Saturday Night

I've spent the night watching TV and processing photos and talking on the phone. I've finally gotten finished with all the photos from the OKC gals' visit and I made it through the hilarious dog portion of the NH funeral photos. I've also talked to my mom, uncle and 94-year-old Aunt Rena. They had a picnic today. In Millinocket, ME. They are tough cookies.

What are you doing? Watching the baseball game? Out on a date? Having a coke and a smile?


  1. Anonymous11:43 PM

    We have all had a nice day. The BEW has a friend from college, undergrad years, both now PhD for many's been many years of friendship but the schedules has not often allowed for time together.

    I worked, they took a road trip through the hills and highroads and lowroads of Western Massachusetts. They report and had photos of a lovely time of finding old apple orchards and decaying maple sheds to photograph. It was great that they could capture for each other what they each found in the day. The photos are very similar, but each gives credit for the other "finding" the photo op.

    We had a nice shrimp stir fry meal tonight at home, sipped some wine, played with the cats some.
    Brenda (the friend) is looking for anybody wanting kitties. Brenda has four formerly feral and now, quite frankly, neutered, house based kitties for adoption.

    She's just in love with them but doesn't want to be known as the crazy cat lady. Drop me a line if you're lookig for feline friendship. So far they are indoors at night, outdoors during the day. The kitties are growing up in rural Ohio. They might not do well with "indoor cat" living.

    Otherwise, I hope your weekend in the city is playing out just fine. Some time out of doors and some time alone and some time with a meal with friends. Invite some over, it's almost soup and good bread season.

    I always enjoy reading your posts. Really. Your's is a different life from mine. It might have been mine. It's sort of like a "what if" cruise.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous5:53 AM

    I fell asleep by the 4th inning. I hate late games. It's a school weekend anyway so I need the rest..

    I just read that Tek got a hit! Yippee. And as for the above post, I agree about the boos. Why did they boo him? He hit a nice double, no?

  3. Brenda need only look to my mom (and her 9 cats) to feel as though she's not crossed into crazy cat lady territory yet.

    Thanks for peeking into my life. Some days it's more kiddie train ride than Coney Island Cyclone but I like it and I'm having fun sharing it.

    Auntie, they booed him in a previous game and I hadn't had a chance to get indignant about it yet. I don't know why, because they're shitty fans?