Thursday, October 09, 2008

RUN Hot People, RUN!!!!

I love it when folks request a Hot People post. Keep that in mind as you go about your daily business. A request for some Hot People is an extremely cheap gift you can give me.

We've been talking about giving a lot lately. ProfDoc is running to run her local Humane Society for a little over a day. Tomato Nation and Finslippy (among others) are raising actual buttloads of cash for Donors Choose. I get an e-mail from MoveOn or Planned Parenthood at least twice a day. Zelda just walked for the cure. Jules is reaching out to the people in her area still battling back from the flooding. I like to tell you about a lot of the options because, even though I know you can't answer each call, I don't know which one will tickle your fancy and, while you're giggling, pick your pocket.
Anyway, Kath requested a Hot People post.
Not seeing the connection?

She requested a post with these words, "I'd like to make a hot people request for Ryan Reynolds. I laughed my ass off reading this today (and then got a little teary) and thought you'd enjoy reading this post. I don't usually go for traditional Hollywood hotties, but he's a special blend of movie star hot and funny. And he's a decent writer!"

I had to look the man up. He's a Hey, It's That Guy to me. Turns out he needs a fire extinguisher 'cause he's kinda smokin'. There are a lot of naked torso shots of him on the Google Images.
Turns out that, like ProfDoc, Ryan is running a marathon. (You'll know this if you've clicked the link. Go click the link, it's worth it.) He's also, as Kath said, an effective writer. By the time I'd read the whole article I wanted to write him an e-mail and tell him what I tell everyone who tells me that they're running the NYC Marathon, "I watch in the stretch between the mile 8 and mile 9 markers, right after the school band playing the theme from Rocky. Let me know if you need anything." Only for him I was ready to add, "Water? Nipple flowers? Blow job?" Like I said, the writing moves you. It's uncanny.

Has nothing to do with those abs.
Like me he's no fan of the exercise and the pain, hell, the anguish. He is training for a marathon after all with all the puking, lost toenails and bleeding nipples that implies. He doesn't like it anymore now that he's a couple of weeks from the race than he did when he started. However, he's happy to be doing it because he's running for his dad, which is a lovely and very personal thing to do. His run is also inspired, it turns out, by a more public but no less wonderful figure.

Now that I know Reynolds a tiny bit more I think I like him.

On November Second Kath and I will be waiting around mile 9 with "RUN RYAN RUN" signs.

Knee pads and nipple flowers optional.


  1. Anonymous3:14 AM

    This post made me happy on so many levels. Thanks for the shout-out, I laughed (and got a little choked up) reading Ryan's post, and I find both Ryan and MJF to be hotties. I'm already looking through my closet for knee pads ...

    Thanks, Kizz, you're one of my favorite blog visits every day!

  2. Wow, very cool.

    BTW, you know he just married Scarlett, right?

  3. Thanks Jules, that's really nice of you to say.

    JRH, you just totally burst my bubble. Sigh. Better I know now.

  4. I've loved him since Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place. Anyone remember that show? The post was great. His humor and writing ability...don't you think he'd totally hang out with us?

    I love that you get to watch it. I watch our Memorial marathon in April and it's inspiring and amazing. I can only imagine yours!

    Happy Friday! Muah!

  5. I don't know this guy, but he is hot. How cool about the Marathon. Have a great weekend in Brooklyn!

  6. I need wring out my panties now. RAWR!

    Thanks for the glorious Ryan pix. We must have a RR film fest at our place some time. Hollywood needs to step up and give this guy the comic/romantic lead role he deserves.

  7. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Not only is he hot, he's IS a decent writer, and is possessed of a good soul and a hysterical wit. Plus, he's Canadian, so I am now an official fan. Thanks for posting both the hot photos and the link to his story. I just about snorted acai mango juice at the bleeding nipple reference; I gonna be wondering about that one for a while.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. He is hot, isn't he? I'm not sure I knew that before today.

    I'm clicking on the link when I get home to check it out.

    Mr. Snob's first marathon is Sunday and I'm afraid NYC might be an ultimate goal someday. If that happens, I'll join you at your perch if you don't mind.