Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Or possibly libel. I can't remember the difference and I'm not sure which one applies to personal blogs.

Chrome has a cold and she may have a mucus related delirium that made her say it so I'm not mad. In fact I'm giving her exactly what she asked for (see the comments of the previous post) in hopes that she'll post something on her own blog soon.
If you had a cold wouldn't a little Spader with your tea make you feel much better?
He would lay you down on that soft bed of moss and treat you like the princess you are in your heart.
Feel better, Princess!


  1. Well I know that was for Chrome
    but it certainly makes me feel better.
    GWS Chrome!

  2. Slander is when you say it. Libel is when you print it.

  3. But does blogging count as printing do you think?

  4. That's nothing to sneeze at.

  5. You're funny. Sorry you're sneezy, too.

  6. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Actually, the word "defamation" covers it all.

  7. I'm still kind of confused about how I may have defamed/slandered/libeled you....alls I was saying is the label said "James Spader" and I didn't see James Spader....mucus delirium or no.
    Next thing I know lawyers are being consulted.

    I do love him, though.
    Leaning againgst a car, smoking a cigarette...bad boy.

  8. Easy way to remember S and L

    Slander is for Speech
    Libel is for Letters