Monday, October 13, 2008

Slight Delay In Hitting the Button

I was supposed to participate in this Day in the Life extravaganza today. I wanted to. I was eager to, in point of fact. Apparently my memory wasn't quite as eager as the rest of me. Until I read Mrs. G's post this morning I had forgotten all about it and here I am all the way at work with no camera. (Yet another check in the column FOR splurging on a point & shoot to live in my backpack.) So, I'm going to ask, quite humbly, for a mulligan. I'll put my camera by my bed tonight and do this exercise tomorrow if nobody minds. Well, frankly, I'm doing it anyway but I promise to feel really bad if you mind.

In the mean time a Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canadian pilgrims out there! Please have a double dose of gravy for me.


  1. Kizzie! Oh my lord, how strangely the world works. I knew you at NYU, when I was in Tech Track and you were working for CPJ. I clicked on a link of a friend's blog, and it took me to Derfwad Manor, and...well, how many people named Kizz could there possibly be, even in NYC?

    Gack!! Hi! Etc. from twelve or fifteen years ago.

    Sara (Monahan) Snyder

  2. Never fear you weren't the only one to forget. Posts and excuses have been going up all day.
    I for one will be back to read again tomorrow.

  3. Mmm, is that cornbread stuffing?

    Can we celebrate both Thanksgivings?

  4. How cool that a long lost friend found you!

    And no worries on the day in the life. We'll be back.

  5. Sara, Hi back! The world is very weird. Since my real name isn't Kizz I often feel like I'm all anonymous here but the reality is that anyone who knows me post HS (read: more than half my life) would know me right off. Welcome! Thanks for swinging by. How are you?

    Karen, thanks for reassuring me. That made it a lot easier for me to follow through the next day.

    g, I have no idea what that is. That is a delightful Thanksgiving dinner courtesy of google images. Looks yummy, though, I thought it might be corn pudding but that might be my anti-stuffing bias talking. And yes, we can and should celebrate as many Thanksgivings as possible.

    JCK, Thanks! Hope you liked it when it finally showed up.

  6. Love that purple SIGG bottle.