Thursday, October 16, 2008


Due to illness and day behindness and general flightiness I missed 10 Things Tuesday this week. And you know what? I missed 10 Things Tuesday this week! So much so, even, that I couldn't wait a whole week to make a list. I'm going to do Thirteen Things Thursday to make up for it.

1. I forgot something in the caption to this photo on Tuesday. It's a blurry picture of part of the counter because I was trying to capture Emily catching a treat tossed by Tracy but I couldn't get the timing right.

2. This post by Julie made me think twice. Her main point is, of course, nicely aligned with what I've been thinking about the McCain/Palin ticket all along, though she uses a lot more specific evidence than I've had up to now. The second thought was about this quote, "If you're reading this blog, chances are good that you're a mother, a pregnant woman, a woman who plans to become pregnant, or a woman who's trying." My answers are no, hell no, no please and thank you and er, no. I've been reading her blog for a couple of years and knowing that I'm not exactly the target demo but not until I read that sentence did I get the full boot to the head of "WHAT AM I DOING HERE?" It's the question I ask here periodically about a number of blogs, why do I keep going back somewhere that I clearly don't have any reference point for? Maybe that's exactly why I go back, I don't know, but it sure is weird.

3. Be glad you're not sitting across from me today. The one word to describe me is 'contagious.' And not "like laughter" either. Add to that my hair being hit with the humidity stick and an outfit that I'd like to blame on undone laundry but really have nothing to blame but bad judgement and a need for sneakers and I am pretty as a picture. I'm so glad I don't have to look at me. These pants were my funeral pants for Grammy Fern, nigh on 8 years go. They fit pretty well then but I fatted out of them over time and have now thinned back down but the seam damage is done. So they now sport a back seam that looks like they were fat pants and someone did that cost cutting seam pleat thing to take them in. No one did, it's just a unfortunate lay of the land on the slightly thinner version of me.

4. Someone is taking another angle on the making-internet-dating-easier front. On the one hand it's uber cool. On the other hand it's hard enough coordinating 2 schedules, never mind coordinating all the schedules for my Stitch Witchery group and your Bocci for Beginners group. I think we'll be able to set up a date in early '12.

5. I just learned (thanks jrh!) that, due to trading deadlines and agreements and whatnot, if there had been a Red Sox/Dodgers World Series, whatever the outcome of it Manny Ramirez would have gotten a WS ring. Talk about blind fucking justice. I can see the series now, everyone else playing like their lives depend on it and Manny making goddamn daisy chains in the outfield and crafting a lanyard out of his shoe laces because it wouldn't matter to him who won. (Yes, I know that our society puts an inordinate amount emphasis on sports, that's not fucking news. I'll write about whatever I want to.)

6. I hate that caustic comments over time have made me feel like I need to put in parentheticals like the last one. Take your kitten hating elsewhere you big fat stupidheads!

7. I consider myself very lucky to live where I live for a lot of reasons. One of those reasons is that, politically, I encounter very few people in my neighborhood and in the city in general with whom I disagree vehemently on politics. I have a lot of like-minded friends who live in deep, deep red states and I salute them. Confronted every day with people who hate what I love and who scare the ever loving crapola out of me would wear me down to a nub and turn me into a harpy. I am continually impressed with the graceful way my friends are able to navigate their hostile territory and still stick by their convictions. (Vote No on Prop 8 Californians! Please!)

8. I really hope there's some cool purple rice salad up for grabs in the office kitchen. I love that stuff and my lunch was composed largely of punishment. I'm the one who burned the veggies and I will have to pay for replacements so I'm doctoring them as best I can but I'm having to just power through most them. Seriously, at least 2 bites today were just like licking a hibachi clean.

9. The cold is moving chestward and, in all honestly, I couldn't be happier. My sinuses are total fuckwits, I hate having to deal with them on any level. I'd much rather get sexy voice and drink a lot of hot beverages than try to grow gills.

10. For the second time in a couple of months I told jrh that I was reading a book she lent me and she was all, "Um, no you're not." One of us is losing her mind and I don't want to point fingers but mostly that's because I'm not sure who to point to. For both of these books I can't think of any earthly reason anyone but jrh would have given me the book and I'm 100% convinced that I wouldn't have spent money on them myself. I'm at a loss. Maybe ChemE? I don't know. If you passed "Walking In Circles Before Lying Down" to me for my perusal will you please tell me? I feel like I'm being gaslighted. Gaslit? Fucked with!

11. For anyone who's still counting MobileMe still doesn't work right. In fact in some ways it's reverted to problems that made .Mac annoying and which had been fixed. Is it possible that the MobileMe roll out team have also been working in insurance and banking?

12. I've got Munich and Proof waiting for me at home. Both real knee slappers, to be sure. I've seen the play, Proof, before and know sadly little about Munich and the real life events on which it's based. Which should I watch first? I think I'm leaning toward Munich but I'm not sure. I may instead be watching whatever's playing on the inside of my eyelids.

13. I feel like I've been strangely absent from this space this week. Has it felt like that to you?


  1. I know that, when I'm that sick, I feel strangely absent from EVERYTHING. I hope you feel better soon. (oh, and I didn't give you the book... sorry)

  2. Why am I not being capitalized anymore? It makes me SAD. :)

  3. Oh, look, I don't even capitalize myself.

  4. Books are falling from the sky apparently.

    I think that's why I uncapitalized you, I had recently read a comment and you weren't capped so I went with it. I hadn't noticed that no one seems to be capped in the comments thingee. We'll go back to regularly scheduling capitalization next time.

  5. I visit lots of blogs where I don't fit the "demographic" or target audience. How else does one consider other people's ideas and perspectives? I don't want to be surrounded only by those who think as I do. I think it would stagnate me in a way.

  6. PS -feel better soon.

  7. Enjoy your movies, and I hope you feel better soon.

  8. Anonymous12:06 AM

    I haven't seen Munich but I have seen Proof and it wasn't that spectacular. It was ok, but I can't say I would recommend it.

    Get some rest this weekend and feel better.

  9. 5. Not only would Manny have gotten a ring no matter what, but he would also have gotten a winner's share AND a loser's share. Cha-ching!

    12. I'm with Jules on "Proof". It was sorta "eh". Not bad, but "eh". "Munich" was dense and intense and not to be watched if you're not prepared to concentrate and be a bit freaked.

  10. I live in a mostly blue town in a mostly red state 30 miles from an extremely red state. It's... interesting. And often frustrating.

  11. Gypsy, more power to you!