Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Technically Successful

I just had the most successful unsuccessful dinner party of all time. I mean, by the strictest account, it was successful because no one went home hungry but lordy it did not go the way I planned.

I left work early to have time to prepare in a leisurely fashion but I didn't want to start stuff too early and have it get soggy. Well, I underestimated how stinking long it takes to prep vegetables and found myself rushing like a mad woman. Got everything into the oven and got the risotto started and then the risotto, the difficult bit, was ready and I checked on the veggies and, for the first time ever, my oven had spontaneously turned itself off. Yeah. Just off. So raw veggies to go with my perfectly done risotto. Dinner was late. By like half an hour. Fortunately all the ladies are laid back and we were all talking and I turned the oven off and on again and it heated up super quick and we had veggies. Everyone liked the Mavericks (the brownies that didn't quite rise) and the hot fudge made everyone's eyes roll back in their sockets. The hot fudge is so, so good and there's almost no way to screw it up. Right now, thanks to the kind and blessed insistence of my good friend Kath, the dishwasher is finishing up and the dogs are walked and all the pets are fed and my stomach is distended and I'm ready to sleep like a stone. It was good fun and I love that Kath had this idea for a supper club. I am so grateful to have been included. This round alone I learned to make 3 new things (risotto, this type of roasted veggies, hot fudge) and I've gotten to know some truly stellar women.

I had so much fun tonight I forgot to take any photos.

My house is all clean and the chairs are pulled up around the table. Anyone want to come over for dinner?


  1. Oh man...all of that sound fabulous. ALL OF IT. Yes. I want to come over for dinner. yes. please.

  2. Anonymous6:05 AM

    I'll come over too. Just hot fudge please!

  3. I can't come over for dinner, but may I have your hot fudge recipe? I've found a couple of okay recipes, but never one that makes eyes roll back in heads...

  4. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Mmmm, yes, the recipe please!

  5. I would love to come over, but the race is coming, so I should probably stay here. Hot fudge recipe, please.

  6. Veggies, almost any kind, can be prepped ahead of time (even the day before) and stuck in the fridge in tupperware-like containers. Spread the work out and make your life easier.

    Of course, if the oven isn't on it's all moot.

  7. Sounds like a good time to me!