Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Two Entirely Unrelated Items

I forget where I first saw the link to this transcript of Chris Rock on Larry King. If you were the person who wrote about it then please let me know, I'll give you credit. I want to give you credit. It's sure as shooting stuck with me. Here's the core quote from Rock about choosing who to vote for:

"And I'll go with the guy with one house. The guy with one house is scared about losing his house."

Yeah. What he said.

If you've got a "country house" or a "summer house" or pretty much any alternative that doesn't involve a friend's couch and a loose interpretation of which services you can barter for rent then you aren't as worried about losing your house as those of us who have all our eggs in one, well in one house. As I said to Clemo today I'm going to call this life a success if I get to the end of it without having to eat dog food. At least not regularly. I think I'm going to be better off voting for a candidate who shares at least some portion of my fear. Call me crazy, I know you already do. I also know that it's the same argument I have about the $5,000 health care tax credit. Hell, I even know I'm damn motherfucking lucky to have even one home to be crying in my beer about.


The picture? Why it's not about money or houses or politics or rage at all. It's about what begins tonight and the fact that my boys are in and the boys who just turned their back on the House that Ruth Built are not. Tee hee.


  1. The Chilis only have one house, and we are all heaving a collective sigh of relief that, when we refinanced three or so years ago, we refinanced with a LOCAL bank at a reasonable, FIXED rate.

    I was talking to Mr. Chili the other night about the freefall the economy seems to be in. I'm starting to get nervous (like "stock up on canned goods and toilet paper" nervous) and I asked him what he thought all this really means to US - to the people living in Chez Chili. His answer was that, as long as he can keep his job, we're all right; we're not due to retire for a while yet, and we're still seven years from sending the first girl to college. As long as he can stay employed, we're not in any real trouble. If he loses his job, though, all bets are off.

  2. Anonymous3:13 PM

    I'm with you - McCain has many many houses - both to live in or visit and as investments. He also doesn't realize how little healthcare $5000 buys, at least in NYC. Plus, he's talking about upping the amount of $ in a bank account that will be covered by the FDIC to $250,000 "so that people don't need to worry about losing their savings." It's one thing to say that you are doing that so that businesses don't lose their money, which I'm sure is why he's doing it really, but he's really out of touch if he thinks that's what people are worrying about. I don't know about you, but I don't think I know anyone with over $100,000 in a bank account. If they did, they're probably smart enough to put at least the amount that's over $100,000 in a different bank, so that it is insured, or in a house or in an investment of some kind. In other words, McCain doesn't pay for his own health insurance, has too many houses to count and still has over $100,000 in the bank!

  3. I'm going to go with the guy with one house, too.

  4. Anonymous5:28 PM

    I was screaming at the radio the other night while listening to the guy with 7 houses talk about the greed in this country and how it has to stop. "YOU HAVE 7 HOUSES YOU FUCKING HYPOCRITE!"

    I have to to busty to truly enjoy the Yanks not making the playoffs. This series is going to be really good.

  5. Your guy... the guy... our guy... and his wife also had student loans until he spoke at the DNC and was inspired to write two books that bought him a better house and paid off his and his wifes student loans.
    Nice post my dear.

  6. "to busty" what is this verb?

    Kids, I'm really freaking scared of losing my job and my house. I'm pretty optimistic about the Red Sox, though.